Poland confirms NATO troops are in Ukraine




Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen said she decided Denmark would send its artillery units to Ukraine. Meanwhile, NATO is moving nuclear missiles to the border with Russia. There is absolutely NOT ONE LEADER interested in seeking peace. Every single one is pushing for World War III ASAP. They all have their bunkers, so personally, they do not care about the people they are supposed to represent. The population has already been decided to be thinned out like a herd of sheep. Look at any war – more civilians ALWAYS die than soldiers.


There is no war where people have EVER been told the truth. Many in the so-called power positions were manipulated themselves. They are still debating the real causes behind World War I. I can tell you from what I know that the REAL reason behind the Iraq War was this idea of REGIME CHANGE throughout the Middle East would create peace by bringing in DEMOCRACY – which we do not even enjoy. Many officials do not know the real reason behind Iraq.


The object here has ALWAYS been Regime Change. These people convince themselves if they invade Russia and overthrow Putin, the Russian people will cheer. That is a bunch of Neocons patting each other on the back as to how brilliant they are. The sanctions on Russia were supposed to get the stupid Russian people to rise up and overthrow Putin to remove the sanctions. I never heard such stupidity in my life. This is why NOT A SINGLE REASON for war ever involves the truth. They manipulate those in power, like hand-puppets, to do their bidding, as we see it taking place right now.


Soros Calls for Assassination of Trump


While the computer shows that Trump should win, I still cannot see how they will allow that to take place. They need Biden, and they are looking to start this war by May or July/August, JUST IN CASE Trump wins and their assassination schemes fail.


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