Are the Chinese Beta Testing Localized EMP Weapons to Bring Down Several American War Planes In Advance for a Red Dawn Invasion?

emp brings down jet

There are three events that have happened, with regard to the Communist Chinese, that should get every Americans attention. The three events are as follows:

  1. The sudden rash of America warplanes falling from the sky. It has happened before and the likely source was Russia or China. My bet is on China.
  2. The attempted assassination of AMLO’s Mexico City’s police chief by the cartels. This has a stunning implication for a future Red Dawn invasion.
  3. The intercept of 10,800 internal gun parts, shipped by COSCO, a false front shipping company for the CHICOM military.
  4. There is a 4th element that needs to be considered. Across the Independent Media, including The Common Sense Show, there has been a mountain of evidence implicating the Democratic Party leadership with the Communist Chinese (eg Diane Feinstein’s CHICOM 20 year spy who was her personal driver) and the cartels (eg Pelosi was a close ally of Sinaloa associate former Mexican President Nieto who was paid $100 million dollars to look the other way at Sinaloa drug activities. This information was discovered in Chappo Guzman’s federal trial in Florida). The Sinaloa’s and their so-called rival gang, the CJNG, are controlled by the CHICOMS. As this story unfolds it is important to keep this in the forefront of your memory.

These three stories by themselves, may not produce convincing evidence of planned military action by the CHICOMS, but in the context of all three events a clear pattern emerges that this is exactly what is happening here.

This is part one of multipart series on the topic of preparing to attack the United States. 

Downed American Jets

Details remain very limited, but a crash involving one of the 20th Fighter Wing's F-16s occurred on the evening of June 30th, 2020 at Shaw Air Force Base. Flames and emergency vehicles could be seen on base as the incident unfolded. As it sits now, the pilot's status is unknown (see update at the bottom of the section). Here is a partial list of links to the crashes of Air Force warplanes. 





At Shaw AFB  (SC), a  downed plane was found as War Zone reports on a multitude of Air Froce Crashes in recent history.:

This crash comes after a major uptick in mishaps across the Air Force in recent months. The loss of an F-15CF-35A, and an F-22A, as well as major mishaps involving a C-130 and another F-35A, have all occurred within the last six weeks. 


We Have Seen This Before

I received an email from an unknown person who purports to have information on at least one of these crashes. The person sent me an email without the ability to reply. The contact asked me to not copy and paste the email and to simply summarize the mission. Further, they would not identify which crash they covered, however, they claim to have knowledge about other crashes than the one that they personnal witnessed. 

In at least two of these crashes, the pilot never called for a "mayday" and their charred remains were surprisingly found in the pilot seat with not apparent attempt to eject. I was also told that they wrote to me because a friend had showed the person an article I wrote about a similar case during the last Central American invasion and that is a correct assessment. 

In June of 2015, I reported that Russian proxy forces, armed with Russian localized EMP technology were responsible for bringing down an F-16 piloted by an Iraqi general flying near the Mexican border. I reported at that time that Russia had very possibly had fired the first shots of World War III through its proxy forces, ISIS. I have an update on the leaked findings of the crash site and the implications are not favorable to the US and its citizens.

(Editor’s note: Since this report ran, the CSS has learned that both China and North Korea also possess the EMP technology to target a single plane flying at 10,000 feet).

Is This What Happened to a US Fighter in Iraq?

From Russia Today:

"United States Central Command denies Islamic State’s claim that its fighters shot down a US warplane and killed the crew in Iraq’s western Anbar province.

Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) claimed that the jet was flying near Ain Al-Asad air base, which is run jointly by Iraq and the US about 100 miles north of Baghdad".


Is This What the Chinese Are Doing to US Planes As Part of a Beta Test for Future Attacks?   

An Iraqi pilot who had been training in the United States for four years was flying an F-16 Fighting Falcon aircraft, on a traiming mission, that crashed in southern Arizona near the Mexican border. At that time, a spokesman for the Iraqi Defense Ministry confirmed that Brigadier General Rasid Mohammed Sadiq Hasan was alone in the F-16 Fighting Falcon when it went down. 

This crash bears many similarities to at least two of the crashes of American jets. One would have to deaf, blind and dumb to not suspect that this is a Chinese plot to wipe out American air defense in preparation to la Red Dawn invasion


This Was No Simple Crash At the Mexican Border

On the surface this appears to be a tragic accident as an Iraqi pilot, who was our partner in our fight against ISIS, was tragically killed in an accident. In actuality, nothing could be further from the truth. At the time of this crash, 13 months ago, I had two confidential sources, one who is on the inside, and another who has connections to those on the inside, and they were both saying the same thing, and they are still holding to their story that; “The crash of this F-16 plane was no accident”. The circumstantial evidence forms a “preponderance of the evidence” which supports the fact that Russia is ultimately responsible for the take down of this particular F-16,  in Arizona, in June of 2015. Contrary to what some have published in the 13 months since this event, in which they claim that this F-16 was shot down. The plane was not shot down, it was brought down. My sources have stated that General Lloyd Austin, commander of US Central Command, along with key members of his staff have privately stated that this crash not as an accident, but not as a shoot down, but as a take down. It was a take down by a localized and focused EMP blast aimed at the plane. We never heard any further developments on this event since this revelation by General Austin, until some intelligence information was recently leaked. Here is what I have learned:

  1. Originally, the first responders could not find the pilot. They assumed he ejected in a last ditch effort to save himself. After the flames were extinguished, the pilot's badly burned remains were found in the cockpit. To the crash site investigators, this was a stunning revelation, but the facts made sense when they considered the EMP scenario.
  2. The pilot never issued an emergency distress call, nor did the emergency equipment, which can to do the same, issue a distress beacon. They were likely disabled by the EMP.
  3. The plane did not crash in the traditional sense of the word. The plane simply fell from the sky. The plane did not break apart until final impact. In other words, it was not shot down. However, crash site investigators were originally confused because of the abrup manner that the plane dropped from the sky. Again, from a circumstantial point of view, the EMP argument made the most sense.

This is the same pattern that we are seeing in at least some of the Air Force crashes around the country and the world. 

Enter DHS into the investigation, and the trail of information went black and the upset military began leaking their findings. The supposition of the military also centers around the fact that the Russians gave ISIS the go ahead to bring down a plane with an Iraqi pilot. The privately expressed opinion of Central Command was that the Russians, at that time. would not have dared to authorize a take-down of an American plane with an AMERICAN pilot on American soil. And ISIS was all too happy to attack a plane with an Iraqi general. This has very serious implications for national security. First, did someone leak to the Russians who would be flying the plane and where was it flying? Or, do the Russians have the ability to intercept ground to air transmissions and make a determination? One of my sources states that the first scenario is most likely and that a traitor, or spy, leaked the information. The suggestion of this treason was unthinkable in 2015. However, it is very likely, today,, given the political climate.

Could the Chinese Use This Technology to Facilitate a Red Dawn Invasion?

in a Red Dawn invasion across the southern border with Mexico, would likely be repulsed by superior US aircover. However, if the CHICOMS or their potential allies, the Russians, could use localized EMP weapons to negate America's air superiority. 


Reid, Clark County Commissioners, the Chinese and Cronyism

"The Bureau of Land Management, whose director was Sen. Harry Reid’s (D-Nev.) former senior adviser, has purged documents from its web site stating that the agency wants Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy’s cattle off of the land his family has worked for over 140 years in order to make way for solar panel power stations".   Most people view the recent events directed at Bundy to be a case of political and economic cronyism. There is certainly that element. However, this is much bigger than the corrupt Harry Reid and his sons. The next few sections will begin to connect the relevant dots and a clearer picture will begin to emerge.


Noted researcher, Vicky Davis, sent me the location of the proposed solar farm where Bundy's property is located and its neighbor is Nellis Air Force Base. It's right there and Harry Reid is aiding and abetting the Red Chinese to locate a facility close and Air Force base.



Connecting the Dots

chinese military in front of the pentagon

In 2015, it was time to connect the dots on one leg of this land grab in Nevada. The I-15 Canamex Highway runs adjacent to the planned theft of the Bundy property. In this location, a new Agenda 21 land designation is emerging and it is called a "Solar Energy Zone". Solar Energy Zones will connect the variables of the Canamex, the evisceration of private property rights, land use delineated in the Agenda 21 Wildlands, the control of all transportation corridors within the United States and the ultimate betrayal, the Chinese control of all military bases in the United States. How do I know this? The Arizona solar project is located adjacent to Luke AFB flight operations and it is near another energy resource, the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant. As an aside, I was contacted by a Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant employee this week. FEMA has been on sight in a surprise inspection and my source has expressed apprehension and surprise at this development. Does anyone else smell a false flag coming? Also, as time goes on, I am certain this will connect the Palo Verde Nuclear Power Plant to the solar farm. The Bundy area contains the exact same set of variables as what I am seeing here in Arizona in that we see the Canamex Highway nearby, a land grab, proximity to a military base and proximity to another large energy resource, the nearby Hoover Dam. I suspect that I am now going to hear from many people across the country who are going to now connect these dots in their home state and see this for what it is. If the Chinese gain control of all new energy (i.e. solar power), can you imagine what your energy costs will be? Our problems with this plot extend far beyond energy costs.

As far negating US air power that could thwart a Red Dawn invasion, consider the following:

Coincidence or Conspiracy?

Chinese Solar on Bundy Ranch                       Arizona Solar Farm
Chinese money backing project Chinese money involved in project
Creation of Agenda 21 "Solar Energy Zone" Creation of Agenda 21 "Solar Energy Zone"
Located near a Canamex Highway (I-15) Located near a Canamex Highway (1-10)
Located near a major energy source (Hoover Dam) Located near a major energy source (Palo Verde Nuclear Plant)
Located near a major military base (Nellis AFB) Located near a major military base ancillary facilities (Luke AFB)
Since publishing this information, we have discovered that a Chinese-controlled solar energy farm also exists at Davis-Monthan Airbase near Tucson.   
Now, when we circle back to the rash of air crashes of American jets, can we draw any other conclusion than the Chinese are Beta Testing in preparation for a Red Dawn Invasion? IF you are not convinced yet, consider that we have two more serious variables to consider in the next portion of this series.