Laura Ingraham pushes Republicans to investigate ‘Joe’s secret Taliban deal’


by Jonathan Davis


In her opening monologue Tuesday, Ingraham said she thought a photo of Biden sitting all alone in the situation room at Camp David last week was odd as the chaotic U.S. withdrawal in Afghanistan was just beginning.

The picture showed Biden alone at a large desk staring at a bank of monitors while he held teleconferences with Vice President Kamala Harris, State Department officials in the region, and U.S. military personnel.

“What was going on that none of Biden’s top Cabinet officials were with him at this pivotal time? Just extended alone time with Jill? Very odd,” she said.

Ingraham then noted that a leaked report stated that CIA Director William Burns met on Monday with Taliban leaders, which she also found strange.

“This raises lots of questions. First, why send the CIA director and not a State Department official?  What were the parameters of the talks?” Ingraham asked. “Did the CIA director push to get the August 31 deadline extended? Did he ask if any Americans were being held against their will or demand their release and safe passage?  If so, what did we give up for that guarantee?”

“It’s hard to believe the Taliban just did this out of the goodness of their hearts: This entire scenario has been so fraught with lies and misrepresentations, that we don’t know what to think,” she continued.

Later in the segment, Ingraham implored Republicans in Congress to start paying more attention to what’s transpired in the lead-up to the complete U.S. withdrawal and launch a probe into exactly what deal Biden may have made with the Taliban, including whether the White House agreed to pay off the militant group to allow for the withdrawal.

“Why are non-Americans being evacuated before Americans? How many Americans are likely to be left behind?” she asked as a graphic reading “Joe’s Secret Taliban Deal” flashed on the screen.

“What will happen to them? How many non-Americans are being brought to this country? Is there any reason to believe that the vetting is being done in accordance with US law?” Ingraham continued. “Is there any reason to believe that the vetters have any interest other than open borders? Where are the non-Americans going to be settled? Do state and local officials have any say in this matter?”

Ingraham’s questions and warning come as the administration’s spokeswoman, Jen Psaki, said the White House considers the operation a “success” after officials have admitted that some Americans aren’t going to make it out.


“I would say that this is now on track to be the largest airlift in U.S. history,” Psaki said in response to a question from Fox News’ Peter Doocy that there are Americans “stranded” in Afghanistan.

“And that is bringing American citizens out. It is bringing our Afghan partners out. It is bringing allies out. So, no, I would not say that is anything but a success.”

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