Obama HUMILIATED as almost no one shows up to Miami event – only 70 people watch online


by Baxter Dmitry


Barack Obama was just humiliated in Miami after holding a campaign event to build momentum for Democrat nominee Joe Biden, but only succeeded in drawing a dismal number of people to the event and an even more pathetic number of viewers online.

The event was broadcast on the internet and only 70 people in the whole world were watching 20 minutes into his event.


Barack Obama’s humiliation in Miami wasn’t an anomaly. He’s been failing all week to draw crowds or build enthusiasm for the Democrat cause.

The Big O was in Philadelphia on Wednesday and almost no one showed up to see him.  President Trump made that observation today, telling reporters,

“Look, I don’t think they’re doing very well. They have no enthusiasm. Look, Obama shows up for a speech and nobody shows. What’d he have yesterday, 32 people, 35 showed up? We have 35,000 – 40,000 people half the time. What’s my smallest crowd, 20,000?”


When are Democrats going to realize that Americans began seeing through Obama while he was still in the White House — and now that he’s out of office they don’t want to see or hear from him ever again?

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