Why War Between China and the US is Inevitable


Is America going to war? Is Trump going to invoke the Insurrection Act? Or, as one of my main deep cover sources has stated, Trump is going to war with China and then invoke the Insurrection Act? The answer is that the latter choice is what is coming. In tomorrow’s article, this will all be laid out. However, the Democrats and their CHICOM allies are wise to what Trump is up to and they are moving to block this move to thwart the so-called Biden clue.

The hacking of a nuclear forces and associated intelligence is an act of war. It is a pre-emptive move prior to an intended offensive action.

I have spoken to several military types from retired ARSOF to current personnel at the Pentagon. Originally, I had intended today to reveal how Trump is hoping and planning to start a regional war with China and declare the Insurrection act under the confusion and color of war. However, the Chinese are making their move to block Trump.

The CSS has learned some of the specifics of the hacking of our nuclear defenses by the Chinese. The mainstream media is calling this primarily an Iranian and Russia job. That is a lie. This is most likely an exclusive intrusion into our defenses by the CHICOMS. The people I have spoken with believe that someone must have given the CHICOMS the method to enter sensitive and secure areas associated with nuclear defense. No doubt, it was Obama-appointed military personnel committing treason. Don’t think for a second that Congressmen who sleep with female Chinese spies are not involved in betraying their country. A lot more should happen than just removing a traitor from the Intelligence Committee. Swalwell should be lined up against a wall, after a trial which convicts him for treason, and shot. And if you think that he is the only traitor in Congress, think again.

Anyone connected to Dominion is aiding an abetting the breach of our security. Dominion technology likely helped the CHICOMS breach our nuclear defenses. As identified, yesterday, the Senate Majority leader, a Republican, took campaign donations from Dominion as well as blocked two election integrity bills, as he is complicit, either actively or passively. Mitch McConnell took campaign donations from the same company that used the exact same technology used to steal an election, to hack into a Pentagon communications system and compromise our nuclear security. The CIA is excluded from a modified system, as well,  and the agency is facing partial defunding. Why? Because they are in bed with the CHICOMS and they assisted in the Dominion voting machines in the stealing of the election. If Trump survives, Mitch McConnell, who congratulated Biden for winning an election that he stole, better get a damn good attorney.

Where is the CIA Director? She hasn’t been seen or heard from in weeks. She is under arrest and if she does not role over on her co-conspirators, behind election fraud, she could be executed for treason. In tomorrow’s article, I am making the case that Trump will be in a war with China and at the same time, under martial law, Trump will control the media he will demonstrate the treason of key politicians and military personnel who have colluded with the enemy we are fighting. Depending on how far Trump wants to carry the fight, the US could experience its own version of the French Revolution.

As stated, the CHICOMS are moving to block what Trump is doing. The intrusion into our nuclear forces has two purposes: (1) To block retaliatory strikes by US nuclear forces by changing launch codes. This would be the equivalent someone changing your email password, only in this instance, the missiles will not fire; and, (2) The CHICOMS were gathering intelligence on our US vulnerabilities.

I asked the inevitable question about time frames and the answer is very disturbing. The intelligence that the CHICOMS would have gathered has a shell life of usefulness. That shelf life is less than a week before the US discovered the vulnerabilities, sabotage and the scope of the damage and began to make corrections. In other words, the height of the hacking incursion’s usefulness runs out this week. Does that mean the CHICOMS will attack? Many believe that it does it will happen under the spirit of Christmas. There is a reason why Trump sent most of his administration away from Washington DC earlier this week. Further, I have reports about CHICOM military personnel making incursions into the United States. In tomorrow’s article I am going to reveal some of these details. The reason that I am waiting one day, is that I am interviewing three people today who will likely be able to shed light on these incursions. One source in particular, identified the threat posed by Chinese military incursions back as far as in  2016.

One thing can be said for certain. The Chinese intrusion into American nuclear forces means that their offensive operations have begun. That does not mean that they will not be blocked and cancel, but war is most certainly coming, either through this incident, or the next incident. I have also learned that America's military response is essentially on automatic pilot. In other words, the assassination of Trump would not derail our intended response. That, too, is underway!

Part Three of this series will no doubt be too much for many to handle because it all but guaranteed that America will never be the same, even if Trump and the true American people are successful.