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Is the US Under Attack From Manufactured Weather Events?



Many credible people are asking the question as to whether the United Stated is under attack from manufactured weather events? The first question that any reasonable person may ask as if the technology exists? The answer is a simple "without quetion". Does that necessarily mean that Hurricane Harvey was a manufactured event tied to some nefarious purpose? It certainly does not follow that because the technology exists, that the use of proven weather modification is a given (ie "Air Force Owning the Weather 2025).

Making the Case for a Manufactured Weather Event

Dean Wigington has provided one of the most lucid accounts of why Hurrican Harvey is a manufactured weather event:
From: Dane Wigington "Hurricane Harvey is the latest example of covert weather warfare being waged on completely unsuspecting populations. Increasingly catastrophic climate cataclysms are being orchestrated and manipulated by an ever more desperate and aggressive global power structure. Rapidly accelerating climate and biosphere collapse is not somewhere on the horizon, it is here, now. Climate engineering is further fueling the unraveling of the remaining web of life on our once thriving planet. With undeniable facts and film footage the video below fully exposes the manipulation of Hurricane Harvey..."
"Sharing credible and verifiable data is absolutely crucial in the fight to expose and halt the ongoing climate engineering assault.  When incorrect or false data is propagated, the critical cause of exposing and halting climate engineering is harmed. Investigate, become familiar with the most inarguable building block facts, and make your voice heard."
I concur with Dean, if we do not make it a priority to share accuract information, then we can accurately be accused of being "fake news" and we will have no more credibillity that CNN or MSNBC. However, after watching Dean's account, in the video, I have grave concerns regarding his allegation as offered in the video.

The Air Force 2025 Owning the Weather As a Force Multiplier

I was provided a list of documents loosely entitled “… 2025 Owning the Weather…The Weather As a Force Multiplier.. The Manufacturing of Earthquake Causing Weapons” which details how the Air Force has long planned to enact earthquakes, hurricanes and other weather phenomena to bring part of any country to its knees. I am still processing these articles, however, at the conclusion of the article, I will post a copy and paste an Air Force document which details how earthquakes can be used as a weapons. There are strong implications that have come to me from multiple sourcess which speaks to the fact that Martial law  (i.e. Continuity of Government) will be declared and the real agenda of using a false flag weather event would be acted out. A review of Nick Begich's work on weather modification provides undeniable proof that the technology exists and has been patented and is hiding in plain view. In his book, Angels Don't Play This HAARP, Begich presents 12 patents that prove that the Air Force has the capability to alter weather systems. The 12 patents, listed in Begich's book, described  ideas which were originally controlled by ARCO Power Technologies Incorporated (APTI), a subsidiary of Atlantic Richfield Company, one of the biggest oil companies in the world. APTI was the contractor that built the HAARP facility. ARCO sold this subsidiary, the patents and the second phase construction contract to E-Systems in June 1994. E-Systems is one of the biggest intelligence contractors in the world as the work for the CIA, defense intelligence organizations and others. $1.8 billion of their annual sales are to these organizations, with $800 million for black (secret) projects. Often, these projects so secret that even the United States Congress isn't told how the money is being spent. E-Systems was bought out by Raytheon, which is one of the largest defense contractors in the world. In 1994 Raytheon was listed as number forty-two on the Fortune 500 list of companies. Raytheon has thousands of patents, some of which will be valuable in the HAARP project. The twelve patents below are the backbone of the HAARP project, and are now buried among the thousands of others held in the name of Raytheon. Bernard J. Eastlund's U.S. Patent # 4,686,605, "Method and Apparatus for Altering a Region in the Earth's Atmosphere, Ionosphere; and/or Magnetosphere," was sealed for a year under a government Secrecy Order. On Oct. 2, 1992, The Wall Street Journal reported that a Russian company, Elate Intelligent Technologies, Inc., has weather control equipment for sale and uses the advertising slogan of “weather made to order.” Igor Pirogoff, director of the company, said “Elate is capable of fine-tuning weather patterns over a 200-squaremile area for as little as $200 U.S. per day,” the newspaper reported. The article recounts an offer by the Russians to aid Malaysia to create a typhoon to dissipate a pall of smoke that hung over the country, and still does, caused by the burning of large sections of the rain forests in Indonesia and Sumatra. To quote from the article: Datuk Law Hieng Ding, Malaysia’s minister for science, technology and the environment at the time, said his country “would use special technology to create an artificial cyclone to clean the air.” The following link etablishes that the Air Force not only has the capabiiity to manufacture a hurricane, but they can manufacture earthquakes as well. Here is a partial excerpt to the Air Force Owning the Weather 2025 and like most intelligence, it is open-sourced and it is readily available if one knows where to look.

II. Abstract from Air Force Owning the Weather


This technology abstract is a submittal by the general public. The views expressed in this abstract are strictly those of the author and do not reflect the official policy, position, or programs of the United States Air Force, Department of Defense, or the United States Government. DISTRIBUTION A. Approved for public release; distribution unlimited. Document ID: 800062 Technology Abstract Title: Earthquake Weapon Description: Ultrasonic or acoustic weapon to destroy runways, buildings, bridges. Weapon will generate a very strong acoustic wave that causes structures to resonate, and thereby destroy them. This has the advantage of being a destructive force that is not designed to kill people.

Hurricane Irma

Is Hurricane Irma designed to be Hurrican Harvey, Part Two.  Here is an excerpt from Prison Planet:
"...Hurricane Irma continues to strengthen much faster than pretty much any computer model predicted as of yesterday or even this morning.  Per the National Hurricane Center's (NHC) latest update, Irma is currently a Cat-3 storm with sustained winds of 115 mph but is expected to strengthen to a devastating Cat-5 with winds that could top out at 180 mph or more..."   ...Longer term computer models still vary widely but suggest that Irma will make landfall in the U.S. either in the Gulf of Mexico or Florida.  Meteorological Scientist Michael Ventrice of the Weather Channel is forecasting windspeeds of up to 180 mph, which he described as the "highest windspeed forecasts I've ever seen in my 10 yrs of Atlantic hurricane forecasting." In a separate tweet, Ventrice had the following troubling comment: "Wow, a number of ECMWF EPS members show a maximum-sustained windspeed of 180+mph for #Irma, rivaling Hurricane #Allen (1980) for record wind"...


There are reasons that Americans should be very concerned. Is this the beginning of a series of attacks upon our people and property? At the very least, we have to be concerned. The evidence clearly shows that the technology exists to do what has been alleged, namely, Hurricane Harvey was a manufactured event and that Irma is falling into the same "irregular pattern" of weather anomolies.

Here are some questions to ponder if these allegations are true: (1) What is the end-game motive? and, (2) Who is ultimately behind these attacks?

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Dave Hodges has been publishing the Common Sense Show since 2012. The Common Sense Show features a wide variety of important topics that range from the loss of constitutional liberties, to the subsequent implementation of a police state under world governance, to exploring the limits of human potential. The primary purpose of The Common Sense Show is to provide Americans with the tools necessary to reclaim both our individual and national sovereignty. 




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They are ramping up all avenues of attack from weather warfare, cultural revolution, economic warfare, and the possibility of world war 3. These are all coordinated attacks towards end times scenario. Pray pray pray for God's protection. Prep prep prep....


If it is being done by the hidden government loyal to Obama and Clinton etc then they deserve nothing less than the death penalty for treason and murder of all the innocent people who die in these storms for they could steer these storms into the north Atlantic where they would die out.


I think you will find the deep state is doing this to overwhelm Mr Trump. If there are too many disasters what happens? It's easy to see where the storm intensifying is coming from.


Thanks for covering weather engineering. Military always & everywhere has striven to advantage weather. 50 years ago it was cloud seeding with silver iodide. Now HARRP utilizes true chemtrails (versus fake claims of normal contrails). As Dan Wigington states in the video linked above, the stall and then 90 degree turn westbound over New Jersey & deep into Pennsylvania is unheard of. Hurricanes do not proceed in that manner. The stall part near Atlantic City allowed the counter-clockwise bands of a hurricane to surge waters into NYC- flooding the subways! The stall downstream from Houston was a kill shot!! Hope Dave interviews Wigington, Begich or this fella:


It is IMPERATIVE that HAARP propagation wave form mapping be provided to the public two days before landfall. Using Harvey as a template, we'll be able to calculate the eye path for ourselves. That info will be crucial to the decision whether to shelter in place or BUG OUT.


Does Israel have a weather weapon? They're the only country to attack the US lately. They did on 911


Greetings Dave, your site page to css is not loading, blocked etc, at least here in Australia. Are you aware of this?


ie to listen to your radio show


Its now loading.


Hello Dave, THANK-you so much for covering this most DIRE issue. I have never posted here on this site. I just want to say to you and your readers that DANE Wigington is the most sincere,fact based man of integrity and every claim is backed 100% by credible data. I worked with him and his family at the latest July 28 Redding California awareness event for Geoengineering with guest speaker former CIA Kevin Shipp and Dr. Sherry Tenpenny- Physician/ ( anti-vaccination activist.) Dane pours his heart and soul into this fight for exposing and halting Geoengineering, In this late hour if we have any chance at all to stop this horrific crime that has been unleashed over our heads beginning some 70 years ago, it is imperative that we all educate ourselves and use the proper scientific terms to add credibility in this battle. The gov. patents are telling for how long this operation has been at play. I also met and spoke with Kevin Ship, another man of his word with crucial information on the Deep state. It would be very helpful to interview Dane for all the listeners here. I have long been following you as well as my family. Thank-you Dave for addressing this and I look forward to seeing you and Dane sharing such incredibly dire information. Resources and all data needed can be found on his site at I have a bumper sticker that has been a very useful tool. People must face the issue even while you are driving. I live in Wa state and drove many miles to help in the fight at this event. I pray that All great leaders can ban together to expose this atrocity. Thank-you Dave for all that you do!


Texan patriots and civilian rescue teams being led by military contractors in the Beaumont and Port Arthur in a round about to divert them from really rescueing people. Looks like this is a false flag operation to mimic Katrina so they can declare Texas under full FEMA control . Listen to the video as these guys discussed whats happening behind the scenes.


God says he will destroy all those who destroyed the earth..nuff said for me.


HAPPY LABOR DAY !!! Feel all LOVE PEACE & JOY, I think Heaver is watching over us. all .Maybe our pasted on people are asking "Please LOOK end see ! that these things are not right. We are NOT Right or LEFT or all correct . Stop we all feel the swamp in Washington... --- ... (sos).we are drowning in Garbage mind ! % is our fault . we built a greedy growing cancer-hungry hungry house of Vertical Integrated...---...Liquid. , a weather changer, How long idea has been in development ? Who is paying for this ? I think this is a old , good intelligence idea .VIL is a product of this idea ? Did inventor Mr.Nicoli Testler think it. would be a benefit for world humanity ? " Holy Lord we praise thy name God above we bow before thee, Infinite thy vast domain Everlasting is thy reign .


I think there is a LAW Weather weapons can only be tested on territory owned by country,nation tested on. People globally should have a say we are neighbors on only one earth.


I'm confused as to why no one is talking about nexrad!? This is the new haarp. Watch for disinformation. It's clear that rapid evaporation techniques fueled Harvey, if you look closely enough, the storm was absolutely, undeniably steered and manufactured!


In times of need and crisis, govt can be hindrance to saving lives....


Houston Strong!


Texas Strong!


It is a manufactured event. It is climate change that man is speeding up beyond that which is normal.


SCI FI in action. I' m 70 and remember when all of this was just imagination. It will be interedting to see just how the power mongers manipulate the world's population. Why not start in the Middle East and then move to California! snk!.


Exact same story on cyclone Winston last year in Fiji. Weather office put out the tract, Winston did stall then right angle turn then bother stall lefy turn wiped out sugar mill and sugar crop killes 75 people wiped out most housing. Most island met offices no clue on weather warfarw. Going to be lot of dead and destruction before we get hanle on this, worry other country's get in on the act.


The iranians are above the Jesuits or r the Jesuits. Kabal..and so my oppinion martial law is the only way to save america. Assassinate all of the kabal that are both civilians and government . This is what is happening. Are you a kabal. You do put on a good SHOW!!!!! Suspiciously..


And yes even the homeless can be a kabal..


I couldn't be global warming from pollution causing all of this, huh? Quit trying to distract. Clean up our act, and the world will heal. Keep going as we're going, and this is just the beginning...


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