Verizon & the NSA Are Constructing the "Red List"

The Washington Post broke a story this week which should wake up even the most dyed-in-the-wool sheep.This news and the implications arising out of this news is so sheep attackingheinous, so horrific, so tyranny laden, that even the sheep should be picking up pitchforks and begin to hunt down the banksters.

The Washington Post revealed what most of us, who have intelligence community sources, have known for a very long time.  Namely, all American citizens are persons of interest for this bankster controlled criminal government.This violates every precept of our justice system, yet, will anyone go to jail for these criminal acts being perpetrated against the American people? Absolutely not! It will be just like the child sex-trafficking rings run by Dyncorp and Goldman Sachs and the MF Global theft ring led by John Corzine and Gary Gensler (both ex-Goldman Sachs boys). NOBODY will do anytime for these acts, and this article will detail why not and how this is a major threat to all activists and freedom loving people living in the country.   

verizon nsaFor the past 90 days, Verizon has handed over information on all telephone calls within its network to the banker controlled federal government and their NSA. This news, which was revealed thanks to a leaked court document, is the most disturbing development towards the enslavement of the American people.  

Building a Bridge to the New World Order

[caption id="attachment_3656" align="alignleft" width="256"]Karen Hudes Karen Hudes[/caption]

Former high-powered World Bank attorney, Karen Hudes, appeared on my talk show for two hours on June 2nd.

Hudes was the ultimate insider and I received some criticism for having her on my show because of her association with the World Bank. However, we need allies who are indeed powerful defectors and also, the benefit far outweighed the cost.

Karen Hudes is an insider's insider. Her contacts reach into the pinnacles of power on this planet and in our interview, she praised the alternative media in lieu of the MSM who "lies and ignores the truth." She also condemned the international banksters and said very dark days are ahead if we are not successful. These are the words of an insider. Are you listening?

Hudes still has the ability to communicate directly with heads of state, ambassadors and US Congressmen and Senators. Hudes also has a conscience as she was ultimately fired for refusing to turn a blind eye to the massive World Bank corruption which serves to endanger every currency on the planet, as well set the possible stage for WWIII.  In the course of the interview, Hudes made the following stunning revelations.

  • ·         The World Bank is criminally reckless and "is being run as a mafia organization" by out of control criminal bankers.
  • ·         The World Bank is illegally confiscating material assets from various foreign countries in only what can be considered as an act of war. For example, the World Bank is refusing to allow Germany to inspect the gold that the World Bank is holding for them.
  • ·         Germany has subsequently demanded the return of their gold and the World Bank has said "no" and Hudes referred to this as an act of war.
  • ·          Because of the massive corruption at the World Bank, the US has lost its ability to appoint the President of the bank.
  • ·         Hudes' actions led to a congressional investigation in which the world bank refused to comply.
  • ·         Hudes proclaimed that with all the interlocking boards of directorates the media is controlled by one entity with one mind set. She also encouraged my listeners to get their news exclusively from the alternative media.
  • ·         Hudes also stated that a very small minority of banks virtually controls the world's economy and that it would only take the reckless actions of a few to bring down this house of cards. 

There is also independent justification for Hudes beliefs as she loosely referred to the Swiss Federal Institute (SFI) in Zurich which released an investigation which looked into who really has the power on this planet and how much do they have?  The report is entitled “The Network of Global Corporate Control” the report documents that a small group of corporations that number only 147, which in turn forms one supra corporate entity, controls 40% of the entire wealth on the planet.

Not surprising at the heart of the power are the banks. The major players include household names such Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, Bank of America, Morgan Stanley, Vanguard Group and Barclays. Lesser known entities include Deutsche Bank, Societe Generale and UBS, who I just learned profited from the Gulf oil explosion, presumably through insider information which allowed them to preposition assets in anticipation of the event.

The SFI report goes on to say that these controlling groups are so intertwined that they are almost indistinguishable from each other. This is the same strategy that Karen Hudes made reference to in terms of on entity which is controlling the media.

The danger with this kind of consolidated power is that they can bring down the entire global system, while these banksters have their assets neatly tucked away, say in gold, while the rest of the world burns. Does it make sense now why, back in April, Goldman Sachs ordered their brokers to get their clients to sell short on their gold? Meanwhile, the banksters went on a gold buying spree at greatly reduced prices as they get ready to profit from the chaos that they have created. And they get to sit out the whole civil war/WWIII debacle deep underground. The banksters will undoubtedly surface with their gold when it is finally surface. With the planet destroyed, they will be free to make civilization in their own image. This is their ultimate scheme to rule over the planet.  

By the way, did you know that on June 17 that Denver International Airport is shutting down to have an asteroid defense drill? HMMM, another false flag in the making?


underground structures 2 My Intelligence Sources, I have, both named and unnamed sources,  have consistently told me what so many in the alternative media have been told. And what they have been told is that the government, on behalf of the bankster rulers, are constructing a red list compromised of various dissident lists each with an assigned threat matrix score.

The late AC Griffith said this multiple times on my show. Former NSA agent, Vance Davis and his CIA counterpart, Bill Pawelec (the late husband of my news director Annie DeRiso) have said  that same thing.

More recently, the former FEMA and DHS officials who have retired have retreated into safety enclaves in remote areas told me before they departed. I was advised by one of my two FEMA contacts to leave the country and assume a different identity. Here is why.

Connecting the Dots

Everyone of the aforementioned ex-intel, have told me about how the data set is constructed in order to assign a threat matrix number to every American.

[caption id="attachment_3657" align="alignleft" width="275"]Red List Executions Red List Executions[/caption]

If you are in the alternative media, you are at the top of the list. When the DHS goon squads arrive our homes at 3AM, we in the alternative media will not be going to a FEMA Camp. We are on the "red list" and will be summarily executed along with our families. 

In order to get the goon squads to go along with this holocaust, all law enforcement and military will be required to send their families "for protection" to a centralized area. In actuality, if these "safe areas" are hostage centers to enforce compliance on all law enforcements. Sorry, no Oathkeepers allowed.

In a classic tyranny, the educators are among the first to be exterminated. America will be no different. Educators transmit culture to the young and the globalists are intending on rewriting history. Any non-compliant clergy will be next and for the same reasons.

The rest of the population will be assigned a threat matrix score by the NSA. The Verizon data dump to the feds is just the tip of the iceberg. For example, because of cell phone tracking, if you have ever met with a person of concern (e.g. an alternative media figure), your score goes up because your two cell phones came into close proximity. And the longer you meet with this person, the more points are awarded to your threat matrix score. Keep in mind the Threat Matrix Score is like golf. The goal is to have a low score, that is if you want to live.

The person's score will also rise if they visit the wrong websites, belong to the Libertarian party, own a gun, vote for third party candidates and are a veteran.

Demographic maps have already been created in which red dots appear on a data screen by address. The red dots represent people who have received a high score and DHS swat teams will sweep pre-designated areas. The DHS swat teams along with their 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition and 2700 armored personnel carriers will be the vanguard force behind this terrible tyranny..

All others will continue to be placed under extreme surveillance with the threat of removal to a re-education camp or worse. There is a reason why DHS has spent billions on Intellistreet light poles and spy cams at every major intersection. And if you think you can ride this out, read Executive Order 13603. You will be assigned to work wherever they want. Families will be broken apart by this calamity. All of sudden, the CPS tactics and the anti-family courts make a little more sense don't they?

If you are taken to a re-education camp, please consider that your family will be split apart. Men to one camp, women to another and children to a third and you don't even want to know what my sources speculate about the third camp


Before global governance can be instituted, false flags must occur to provide the pretext for martial law (Denver Asteroid Drill on June 17?). The currency must be collapsed. There will be utter tyranny, a holocaust, civil war and possibly WWIII. Interesting as one of my sources was preparing to disappear in early January, they told me to watch the television show, Revolution, as it was a partial portend to for what is to come.

What can be done to stop the coming tyranny? Nothing.  What can an individual do to soften the landing of what is coming? Actually, a person can do quite a bit, but there is a caveat, luck will play a big role in who survives. And this will be the topic of a future article.