Breaking: Mike Adams & Dave Hodges Share the Latest Facts On the Weaponized Virus Rampaging Through China and Across International Borders

burning bodies

The Heath Ranger, Mike Adams and Dave Hodges exchanged information on the weaponized virus coming out of China. In the present time, this is a groundbreaking report hi which the listener will be exposed to the following information:


  • Lancet's Published Study on the Virus
  • The Death Rate
  • The Infection Rate
  • The First Reliable Report on the Incubation Period
  • Projected Deaths Across the Globe
  • Weaponized Features That Attacks the Heart in Survivors
  • The Very Strange Series of Viral Mutations and the Purpose Behind the Multiple Mutations
  • When Martial Law Is Implemented, There Are 9 Things You Can Count On
  • 300,000 Chinese, Perhaps As Many As a Million Have Escaped Quarantine
  • Containment Is NOT Possible At This Point
  • Economic Impact 
  • and much more.....