What Percentage of Men Would Have Sex with a Complete Stranger? We Can't Drain the DC Swamp, Until We Drain Our Own Morally Deprived Swamp

sex with strangers

I have often taught a course in the psychology discipline called Social Psychology. I have frequently published the results of the many social experiments on The Common Sense Show in order to explain why so many Americans remain indifferent to the evil that is permeating America and why do so few of us ever do anything about the immorality that has invaded every aspect of our lives. I have previously covered the results of the landmark studies such as the Zimbardo Prison Study, The Milgram Experiment,  and the Solomon-Asch Experiment.  I have also covered the psychological constructs of cognitive dissonance, group think, bystander apathy and learned helplessness, all of which shows how the general public can be bent to the will of an evil master.

 Moral Depravity Experiment

In a recent social experiment, an attractive young woman, pictured above, walks up to 100 men of various ages, different races and levels of attractiveness and asks the men one telling question: “Would you maybe like to have sex with me?” This experiment produces some stunning results. First, the good news, 70% of the men said no and The most often cited reason was that they had a girlfriend. However, without regard to HIV and other STD’s, not to mention reasons pertaining to morality, many of these men were eager and willing to walk to a nearby house and have sex with a complete stranger after being asked the research question.

Where Does Reform Begin?

On The Common Sense Show,  I have often said that if we wanted better leaders, more moral leaders, that we first had to become more moral ourselves. The results of this social experiment are very disturbing because we cannot begin to “drain the swamp” when so many of us enjoy living in the swamp of moral depravity. True reform starts from within oneself. As Ghandi once said, we have to become the change we expect to see in others.

History Speaks Will America Listen?

One of the clear lessons that history teaches, at least for those that do not subscribe to the politically correct doctrine that all lifestyles are acceptable, is that when a nation loses its moral compass and embraces perversion, that nation is on the path to self-destruction. As we know, for example, Rome fell from within and its fascination with sexual perversion was one key reason why.

In the following video, it is interesting to see how many men exhibited such low impulse control over their own desires and bodies. So, should we be surprised that we see the results that we do with regard to this social experiment?

Put on the full armor of God, so that you can take your stand against the devil’s schemes.

Ephesians 6:11

Here are the disturbing results of this social experiment. Please leave your comments below. 


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