Joe Biden’s going to get us all killed! Prepare for World War 3 and nuclear annihilation with America sent back to the Dark Ages if Biden and Democrats get their way


 Stefan Stanford

Reporting that Joe Biden and the US have declared their ‘unwavering support for Ukraine’ at a time when Russia is flooding Crimea with ‘trains full of tanks and escalating tensions’, we’ll remind you that according to numerous military experts as we’ll explore within this ANP story, Russia has far surpassed the US military in numerous ways, with their unstoppable hypersonic nuclear weapons a threat to our electrical grid, America’s ‘achilles heal’ that should it be brought down for any lengthy period of time could lead to our destruction.

With Russia surpassing the US in many ways militarily since Barack Obama was in office, a fact that brain-dead Joe clearly doesn’t have a clue about or he wouldn’t be rushing America into what could be very well be a war that leads to the deaths of 10’s of millions of Americans, we also have to remember that America’s near-complete destruction IS the ‘globalists endgame‘, with a massively ‘depopulated’ America at war ushering in tyranny upon our shores on the way to our complete destruction.

So we’ll be taking a look within this story back at the unstoppable nuclear weapons that Russia has accumulated since Barack Obama was in office, with hypersonic nuclear weapons a revolutionary way of war that, should such weapons be launched upon America, we’d have no way of stopping with the very real possibility of America being sent back to the dark ages.


Let’s first take a look at this March 2021 story over at Defense News before we continue.


Hypersonic weapons are a top priority for the Russian government, a defense analyst with the state-run think tank IMEMO has told Defense News, and with two now fielded, the country is looking into further improving the technology. 

“The so-called hypersonic technology is essentially an evolutionary development. However, it provides new, combined abilities for missile weapons: increased speed and maneuverability, and improved accuracy,” Dmitry Stefanovich said. “I can’t imagine a person who is responsible for the decision-making in the country and who wouldn’t be interested in improving all those features.” 

By creating hypersonic technology that can overcome missile defense systems, Russia maintains “strategic stability and strategic balance,” President Vladimir Putin once told Russian news agency Tass in March 2020. 

For Russia, hypersonic technology is also a way to avoid a quantitative arms race like the Soviet Union went through during the Cold War, said Viktor Litovkin, a retired colonel and military analyst with Tass. “We have no money to get involved in a quantitative arms race. You need to have a little, but the highest quality, which will restrain the adversary,” he said. 

There are currently two hypersonic missiles with the Russian military: the Avangard and the Kinzhal. The former is a nuclear-capable missile reportedly able to fly faster than 20 times the speed of sound. The first Avangard infrastructure was set up in December 2019.

And as Dr. Peter Vincent Pry had warned in this December of 2020 story (saved at archive), these unstoppable hypersonic nukes could be used to hit America hard with the destructive effect of ‘a bolt from the blue‘. In fact, such an attack could happen so quickly, most Americans would have absolutely no clue what even hit them.

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