Is Anybody Else Experiencing Anything Similar?

Sometimes in life, we have a take on a topic, and God will use that interest to communicate with a person through that interest. I just experienced that very event. I used to do 20-30 radio interviews and wrote several articles every year, 25-30 years ago. The issued is dead. However, God has chosen to use this interest to communicate with me about a new set of challenges which bear some resemblance to that fateful day on November 22, 1963. This is a warning that I hope all will take seriously. In my soul, I feel our country is about to experience the same level of deception that the nation did nearly 6 decades ago. This is not a rehash of the JFK's final moments on earth, it is a warning about the present time. 

I have never rooted for regime change through violence. However, I was speaking at a recent conference in Dallas and took the opportunity to visit the site of JFK's death. The Kennedy assassination was once point of journalisitic obsession with me, but until this past week, I let my interest wane in my once relentless efforts to set history right. I still have no real interest in rekindling my efforts as I came to the realization that sometimes one has to admit defeat and accept the fact that the Deep State got away with the crime of the century. However, something has grown out of my once fascination with the assassination, but it really has nothing to with the assassination itself, I believe, for reasons described below, that God is trying to communicate with me through a subject area that I know very well. 

A week ago, I walked the JFK assassination location on Houston and Elm streets. Psychologically, it was a post-mortem event for me, a sort of catharsis related to the false belief that myself and many others could change the incorrect account of history. There was a silent apology I offered to the Kennedy family that we did not overcome the evil forces at work on November 22, 1963 and how they changed America forever. That was the sole intent of my journey to the assassination site. However, I soon got a lot more than I expected. 

The only reaction I had to the assassination 58 years after the event was that all the forensic data that I am aware of came alive and my conclusions, arrived at from decades of interviews and investigations on my part, were immediately reconfirmed. I experienced a type of depression that Deep State of that day never paid for their crime. I was overcome with the thought that this one event cost 58,000 young men their lives in Vietnam. The arms race grew out of control and served to be the beginning of the end for America's economy. As I stood next to the former book depository, I put to death my once fighting spirit on the topic. However, in the past week, something strange has been happening with regard to the present situation and it all started as I stood on the infamous grassy knoll. I felt an evil in the world that I have never before experienced.

I have lived long enough to know when the Lord is trying to get your attention, HE will yse a variety of methods to get one's attention. And that has now happened to me.  Everytime, I go to Youtube, JFK assassination keep showing up in my suggested videos to watch. This is odd because I have suspended all writing and broadcasting on the subject as I concluded that any further mention of the event is falling on deaf ears. However, I am also receiving articles being randomly sent to me on the topic after years of indifference. People are engaging me in JFK assassination discussions. I am not inviting this into my life, these events are pursuing me. And this all began the day after my journey to Dealey Plaza. Therefore, I have concluded that this is more than just the assassination of a President over 60 years ago. On a spiritual level, I know I was exposed to the inherent evil that has been loosed upon the planet. Please note. that if I were to clinically be diagnosed as having Paranoid Personality Disorder, it would have already happened before I reached my advanced age. This is something more going on. 

Here is the fundamental question I must ask myself. In some mysterious way, did my visit to the grassy knoll mysteriously trigger all of these events which are happening several times per day? Or, being the Christian I am, I have to wonder if I am not receiving a word of knowlege that a major assassination, or some other catastrophic event is on the near horizon and I am receiving warning of the impending event. Why would God do such a thing? My past experiences with the Lord has revealed that my God has spoken to me before in this manner and events have come true. So what does it mean? What I understand is that God speaks to us on the level of our understanding. In other words, he meets us at the level in which we operate. If God is delivering a message to me about impending evil and the subsequent need to warn, the JFK experience would be an ideal way for the Lord to reach out to me because I researched the event for 30 years! Through my work on the JFK assassination, I learned how the Deep State covers their tracks. I feel that this kind of discernment will be needed in going forward. Perhaps knowledge of impending events might allow for some modification of outcome based on awareness alone. I, too, have experienced this from the Lord and I have been able to change course and effect a change in possible outcomes when I have listened to His voice.

In some previous dreams and visions, I have seen the Chinese tanks on our streets committing genocide against our people. I have seen Christians worshipping in basements for fear of persecution. However, this time, the detail is greater and events are more vivid. 

I cannot help but feel that there is something from JFK's tragic assassination that I am supposed to be applying to today in a way that could make a difference and I am beginning to think that I know and I think that many of you are getting the same messages. 

My Greatest Fear

My greatest fear is that in some future catastrophic event, the intended victim of an assassination will appear dead, but survive by some perceived miracle. Will that person bring about a perceived change in a bad situation and come out of the event smelling like humanity's savior? The Anti-Christ? I certainly hope not, but with all the "concidences," this is where my ind goes.

Ordinarily I would be to embarrassed to put this out. However, I am setting aside my pride and reputation and trusting my emerging beliefs because there is another topic that has repeatedly and "concidentally" crossed my path in the past week as well. The topics of near death experience (ie messages from Heaven) and the perception of what Heaven will be like have also been flooding into my conscious awareness as well. I read this as the stakes are high and it is really time to get right with God. In my heart, I feel great change, beyond my ability, to confront, is already underway. On an emotional and spiritual level, I perceive a malevolent spirit has been recently loosed upon the planet and that its intentions are profoundly evil. I feel that this evil is headquarted in the World Economic Forum, and it manifests its actions thorugh Blackrock. The deepest part of my being is telling you that the World Economic Forum and Blackrock are the most evil entities on the planet, except for Satan himself. The vehicle for the spead of evil is the war in
Ukraine, which will spread, and this could lead to a domino effect that will evenutally result in the end days events. 

3Please allow me to ask my fellow Christians a question: When you look into the eyes of world leaders do you see the same far away, detached look that I do that I perceive as a lack of empathy and an abject spirit of evil? Do you feel that many are demoncially possessed? Their disdain for the welfare of their people is omnipresent.  However, this goes much further than selfish leadership traits. There is a spiritual evil that has invaded the leadership fo the world. If this is true, it would explain the uniformity of action with regard to lockdowns, and normalizing extreme perverse behaviors on world scale.

I am not a young man, but these feelings and observations are new. There is something dramatically different about our world on a spiritual level. Last year, I was in a church that I previously trusted and the pastor preached a sermon commanding all Christians to follow the word of the governmental leaders. Romans 13 was quoted and no exceptions to any evil commands from governmental leaders was offered. I have run from the church I previously trusted. This sermon, delivered almost a year ago and the timing of the message was not a coincidence. It was an obey the lockdown and mandatory vaccine mandate sermon. Although that was not stated, I knew this was the case. What if government asks you to participate in the persecution of a certain group? Does Romans 13 apply? I think not, I follow God's law not the edicts of the global leaders who are apparently ruled by a spirit of evil and malevolence.

I feel that by putting out this information, others may be experiencing the same foreboding. Our potential collaborative sharing of perceptions may help us reach a definitive conclusion so we are aware of how God wants us to act. 

If all of  this means what I think it does, it will be time to soon run for the hills and seek God's protection. You know how to contact me...It's ok to criticize what I have written here, I have questioned my own perceptions, but we are living in unparalleled times and I would like to determine if my experiences are the result of coincidence, or they are the result of an over-active imagination of a repptitive and divinely inspired word of knowledge.

If your pastor is not preparing the flock for a major threat to the faith, find somewhere else to worship.