Report: Poll Finds Almost 70 Percent Believe Jesus Christ Physically Rose from the Dead



A recent poll reportedly found that a large percentage of registered voters believe that Jesus Christ physically rose from the dead. The news comes as Easter approaches. The Daily Signal, citing a Scott Rasmussen National Survey poll, reported Thursday that almost 70 percent of registered voters believe in Jesus’ bodily resurrection, while over 70 percent say they will be celebrating Easter on Sunday. 

The outlet said the survey was conducted on March 20 and 21 with 1,000 registered voters. The article also said: Respondents were asked whether a series of statements were true or false. They were asked to evaluate whether “the man known to history as Jesus Christ actually existed and walked the earth,” or not. By a margin of 83% to 5%, voters said they believe that Jesus Christ did in fact exist and walked the earth. The margin of error for the survey was plus or minus 3.1 percentage points, according to Rasmussen. Meanwhile, a Pew Research Center report said a record high number of Americans say the role of religion in public life is waning and many believe it is a negative thing for people across the nation, according to a Breitbart News article published March 19.