Snap, Kracken Pop! If a Civil War Is Coming, Let It Happen NOW So That Our Children May Live In Freedom


Orange man bad.

Orange man is a racist that produced the lowest unemployment record for Blacks in US history.

Orange man is a sexist that produced the lowest unemployment record for women in US history.

Orange man kept the globalists from taking over the US economy and completing the job of destroying the country through the work of Obama

               Executive Order 13603 promoted slave labor and control of all food as a weapon.

               The NDAA suspended due process and all could be snatched off the street without cause.

I will take the orange man. In fact, I have decided that I will not acquiesce to the illegitimate authority of President Dementia and his lady of the evening, “Heels in the air” Harris. I refuse to follow one unconstitutional dictate of this unholy alliance between the Deep State, the Democrats and the satanic cabal which is trying to seize control of the nation as well as the planet.

In watching the 2020 campaign, I was struck by the differing campaign styles of the two parties. Trump kept telling America that he was going to continue to promote America first. He was gong to continue to enforce civil liberties for each individual. Trump was going to continue to beat back the evil forces of globalism. On the other hand, Biden and Harris never told America what they were going to do for our citizens. They only promised what they would do to America. “We are going to take your cars, your guns, your freedoms and your lives if necessary.

The communists, those who would conduct a genocidal purge against all Americans in order to get what they want, will never have my support or obedience. Sidney Powell has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that this election was stolen. My own data figures, published in the early morning hours of November 4, 2020, proved that the election in 5 swing states was being stolen and it was. Even in Arizona, the so-called Republican Governor, Doug Ducey actually betrayed Trump and certified a cheating election while at the same time, Arizona legislators were meeting to investigate the rampant voter fraud in the state. Ducey illegally sits on the Board of TGEN, which has ties to the vaccine industry and the testing industry. Ducey, a Democrat in drag, benefits if vaccines are mandatory. Trump has said they would not be mandatory. Ducey uses taxpayer money to enforce illegal lockdowns by paying county commissioners and mayors to do his bidding while he pretends to keep Arizona open. Not all Arizonans are fooled and there are recall efforts underway in Kingman, AZ., and Mohave County. This type of criminality is going on all over America. America is being dominated from the top-down and the bottom up.

If we allow Dementia Joe and Hooker Harris to seize control, it spells the end of America.

The Common Sense Show stands in agreement with Sidney Powell and General Flynn. It is indeed 1776 and I endorse the Kracken. This election is a fraud and we are living in an occupied country. The CSS calls for the arrest any overt supporters of Communist China. If found guilty, extreme penalties, as prescribed by law, need to be applied. Why? Because we are at war!!!

General Flynn is calling for the Insurrection Act and limited martial law. Following these events, he is also calling for a revote.

The CSS concurs with Flynn. It is better to have martial law, in order to right the wrongs, than to have a second civil war. The CSS stands with 80 million disenfranchised Trump voters! Snap, Kracken, Pop! If a second civil war is to begin, let it begin now in order that our children may know freedom.  

This is the Declaration of Independence from the CSS. There will be no coronation of the communists!