Federal Agencies and the People Are Preparing to Go to War With Itself

civil war

Hal Turner is reporting that Kansas Legislators were put on National Guard busses and briefed on an undisclosed topic.

We know that FEMA is buying massive assault rifles from China. Why is FEMA buying these guns? Who will be the targets. Certainly, this is a domestic operation. Therefore, the easy answer is that Americans will be targeted. Which ones? That is the $64 million dollar question.

One of Bernie Sanders staff members said any Trump supporter should be put into a FEMA camp. Was this careless talk or is this a pervasive attitude among extreme liberal Democrats that leaked out to Project Veritas. I would argue given Bill Ayers, Hillary Clinton’s and other Democrats previous statements regarding re-education camps, this is a pervasive theme among liberal democrats.

Are these events unrelated or is there a consistent theme that is emerging that will endanger the entire country?

A Predictive Programming Youtube Drama from a Decade Ago

Several years ago, there was video on Youtube in which DHS agents turned on one another. The video began in a classroom setting and an actor, playing a DHS agent stated that we are “going after the Christians”. Ultimately, this drama ended up with DHS agents turning on each other. At the time, I dismissed the drama as pure nonsense. However, in light of today’s events, I think this poor-man’s dramatic video was predictive of what’s coming to a country in near civil war.

Virginia is ready to go to war with itself and it is threatening to spread to West Virginia where they are aligning with the 2A sanctuary cities.


I have many sources in various federal agencies ranging from DHS, FBI, Border Patrol and the DEA. To a person, I am seeing similar behavior, in and among them.

Relevant History

There is a very disturbing trend that I am seeing with regard to Federal LEO’s. The circumstances and subsequent behavior of these agents that I associate with, speaks to an atmosphere of intimidation and fear.

Please allow me to start with what I already know to be true as it was shared with me over a year ago. In the Del Rio, Texas sector, on the same night, cartels visited the homes of three Border Patrol agents. They abused both the agents and their families. These were intimidation visits. I have had this incident reported to me both Border Patrol informants and a Federal LEO from another agency. The versions of the story differed slightly, but the overall theme was very consistent. The agents were told by cartel members to “play ball or they would not only kill them, but their families as well”.  The US government has been able to keep this relatively quiet and that surprises me. After this incident,  DHS put out directives to not get gas in Del Rio and do not eat at Del Rio restaurants. All Federal agencies, regardless of affiliation need to be on high alert.  

Shortly after the incident, 2,000 illegal immigrants were dumped at a local Catholic church in Del Rio without any spending money, no food or supplies. Chaos has resulted. Also, these desperate people are ideal recruits for the cartels.

It is easy to forget that Del Rio was one of the hubs for Holder and Obama’s Fast and Furious gun running program to the cartels in Mexico. Child Sex trafficking was practiced coming into Del Rio from Mexico and guns went south of the border.

The Del Rio events are back-drops for more federal agents who are feeling unsafe both for themselves and also for their families.

In the past 3 weeks, 4 federal LEO’s have told me that they are training and arming their families. They also told me that they conceal carry 24/7. An agent in the FBI told me they fear assassination by fellow agents because they are on the “wrong side”. This is not hyperbola, there are agencies in which agents are viewing some their colleagues with extreme mistrust.

Last year another federal LEO told me he could not trust anyone above a GS-15 in his agency and they were not loyal to America.

Finding Meaning In the Random Events

When federal agents across a broad spectrum of agencies are engaged in defensive, almost paranoid preparations, there is something up. We know the cartels are encroaching on some federal agents like they do in Mexico. However, this feels bigger than local agency corruption.

On a micro-scale it appears that I know federal agents who are paranoid. On a macro-scale, it is apparent that our federal agencies are preparing to go to war with themselves. If that is the case, and a case can be made, then can we not conclude that the country as a whole is one incident away from going to war with itself on a large scale?