What comes after the next world war?




The elite do not set fire to the world just to rule the ashes. Even though the ignorant and the petty wish to be anarchist kings, the elite seek something more than that. They seek a transcendence to another form of power. They perform ceremonies and sacrifices in order to bring forth their dark gods and demon princes for favor and power. These elites and their acolytes will bring forth the new world order. They prepare the way for the Antichrist but before his appearance, there must be war. Then there is a great peace deal amongst the nations but it doesn’t last long. Many will fall away, burn away, starve away or run away to mountains and hide. In between every word in the verses of revelation is an unknown tragedy or horror story. Some where amongst the time of tribulation is a time for many to seek repentance. Many will seek the comfort in their bunkers and beg for the rocks to fall down on them and hide them from the wrath of the lamb. In between every prophecy that is fulfilled will be you and your loved ones, seeking God and surviving until it is that final hour, that we all get called up to Heaven. Until that point, we will all endure hell on earth, the reign of the Antichrist, the wrath of the seals, bowls, and trumpets. In between dealing with the physical hell on earth, imagine the entire world turns into Nazi Germany and your on the run like the Jews were but times that by a couple hundred times. Fallen away christians, will hunt you down, along with whomever is empowered by the False Prophet and charged by the Anti-Christ. The Bible clearly states the Antichrist will overcome the saints. That’s hard to deal with as a father of four children. I don’t know exactly what that means. However, I can assuredly tell you this: Train,Prepare and Pray now. Get off your excuse and get to work.