Trump Has 8 Days to Execute His Counter Coup, BUT Will the Generals Support Him?


Wars and rumors of wars are in clear view. Unfortunately, there are some that are providing the incorrect narrative that in a recent development, which claims that Trump has been given the option to stay in power if he supports, at minimum, a regional war with China. THIS IS NOT A RECENT REVELATION AND THIS OPTION, FOR TRUMP HAS BEEN ON THE TABLE FOR AT LEAST 9 MONTHS.

On April 28, 2020, I published an article which contained the following material is reproduced here in verbatim form The following is what I was told by two Pentagon officials in separate conversations brokered by my best source:

1. Trump is supported by over 90% of the rank and file of the military. This is not surprising! 

2. The majority of the commanders support Trump. My source said that he would place that number at 80% and his Pentagon acquaintance said it was probably a 70-30 split in favor of Trump. Both sources stated that the damage to the military at the command level was done by Obama when he appointed over 300 liberal-globalist-supporting command officers during his tumultuous tenure in the White House. 

3. One source stated that he felt the Joint Chiefs are all compromised by the military industrial complex with sweetheart deals. The impression I received was that the Joint Chiefs and the CDC are very similar in that one does not get to that level unless they are part of the Medical Mafia, in the case of the CDC leadership, and in the case of the Joint Chiefs are controlled and owned by the military industrial complex (MIC) as I was reminded about Eisenhower's Farewell Address when we were commanded to "beware of the MIC...."   

4. Both sources felt that a weak coup has enveloped the Trump administration. However, both sources felt that this condition could prove temporary because of the support enjoyed by Trump from his military. This unquestionably means that the military could easily exert a counter-coup and they could accomplish this by threats alone. However, it was made clear to me that no military action will be sanctioned unless it can be determined that the people would support such and action should it become necessary. An anxious military in 2012, wanted desperately to get rid of the Obama administration. Against orders the commander of Carrier Task Force Three, Admiral Gayoutte and AFRICOM commander, General Ham, conspired to rescue the late Ambassador, Chris Stevens from an ongoing attack in Benghazi. The commanders hoped that a rescued Stevens would out the Obama administration once he realized that he had been targeted by Hillary Clinton for what he knew and Stevens was a liability going into the election. This coup was nearly successful. After the failure of the coup, I asked my primary source, why not just execute another coup. He sternly scolded me and said that the first coup was a coup of opportunity and did not need the popular support of the people. A future and planned coup, would require the popular support fo the peopel which they did not at this time. The Pentagon source said that the growing spirit of rebellion would empower the military to act. However, both sources said the final approval had to come from the MIC! 

5. What would cause the MIC to support Trump and make it clear to key Deep Stater's that they would not be safe if they pursue this continued action? The answer as to whether the MIC would support a counter-coup, or the threat of a counter-coup lies in the profit motive. Which course of action would produce the most revenue?  Thi sis the primary motive for which direction that the MIC will move in the present crisis. Trump has been a friend to defense spending, both sources stated. However, Trump has failed to deliver the war that the MIC wanted! 

6. I was told by both sources that two things probably had to happen to save Trump's Presidency with the help of the military. First, Trump will have to start a war with China in order to feather the financial nest of the MIC! Second, people need to publicly support Trump and rebel against the lockdown, which is a precursor to an eventual invasion of a weakened United States. 

7. Both men feel that we are going to war with China. This could serve another purpose. China is undoubtedly behind this bio-attack upon the United States. Destroying China will unquestionably reduce future bio-threats. Therefore, it makes sense to attack China, and of course, make it look like China's fault through the use of a false flag designed to blame China for the start of hostilities. Certainly, there is fertile ground in the South China Sea, for a false flag, war enhancing event. 

My takeaway from this conversation is multi-dimensional. Will Trump suddenly do what he has been hesitant to do? Will he militarily confront China? The South China Sea provides a fertile sight to commence military operations. However, the Pentagon source thinks that WW III will commence in Venezuela... 

...Neither source feels that assassination is an option because of a possible knee-jerk reaction by the military. The centerpiece of what is coming lies in what the American people do first. If they rebel and take to the streets, the military may feel empowered to intervene. Secondly, it Trump willing to go to war?  Are you? Two well-placed sources would embrace a war with China!


More than taking a previous publication of facts, from 9 months ago and claiming the revelations to be their own in a recent time frame, there is a very big danger to reproducing my warning from last April. Specifically, we need to consider the fact that the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) deal with Trump, to go to war with China, may no longer be actionable. Trump may have waited too long to pull the proverbial trigger.

I understand why Trump hesitated. He refused to go to war in Syria, Venezuela and other places as well. His Presidency is the first in decades to not engage in the throw-away of American lives and money with regard to wars of occupation to the benefit of the neocons the globalists. This one reason is why political prostitutes, like Senator Graham and Mitch McConnell have abandoned Trump have supported the theft of a Presidential election without so much as a whimper because Trump would not play ball with the war mongers of the Military Industrial Complex who can bend the will of the Joint Chiefs. The reason that these options, offered to Trump by the MIC, may no longer be available. Why? Because Biden now holds the high ground. Officially, Biden won the 2020 election and that election has been certified by both the Electoral College and Congress. Any military action taken against Biden, will be labeled by the Left and the communist-controlled media as being an action of insurrection and treason being perpetrated against a duly elected Presidential-Elect. Any Generals or administration officials who support Trump using the military to turn the tables on this election run the distinct risk of being branded as a traitor and could face execution. These Generals also know that a Biden-perpetrated CHICOM takeover of this country, of which I am convinced is coming, would face certain death at the hands of the CCP. America's top military brass is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. 

Here is what we know at this point: The FCC has indeed issued a warning to all broadcast outlets that they must surrender their broadcast platform to the President in a state of emergency or risk losing their license. However, it would be foolish to think after this long and hard-fought battle, the the media is going capitulate. This likely means that Trump has initiated some executive action to remain in power. However, what that action is at this point, is not known to me. The media will not capitulate and therefore, Trump has no forum from which to launch his counter-coup against the Deep State and the Democrats which would involve the rank and file of the American public. Subsequently, why do I believe this? Under EO's 13848 and 13959, Trump has the ability to shut down commodities and stock trading which involve belligerent nations (ie China). This cease and desist was to go into effect on January 11th. Wall Street has given the big middle finger to Trump. They obviously figure that they will not be prosecuted should Biden be sworn in on January 20th. The telecoms, the networks and the various broadcasting forums are not likely to capitulate either and this will leave Trump without a voice from which to speak to the public. Does it make sense now why social media completely shut down Trump and his key supporters? The message that the counter coup have begun will not be heard by the American public.

Can the counter coup continue? The answer is yes. Although it is significantly less likely that going to war with China is going to save Trump's Presidency, it is the only option available. If the MIC is willing to go against an officially elected person so that they can have war with China, is still possible and the Pentagon's Joint Chiefs would quickly fall into line. Even though the Joint Chiefs are not on board with Trump, this does not rule out the participation of the second tier Generals in this counter coup. Base commanders and other "second tier" Generals and Admirals have nothing to lose because as I have stated, these Generals will all be executed in a Chinese takeover.  Will these 40 Generals, who support Trump be able to gain the troop support needed to pull this off? I am not sure. Will foreign assets be used to bolster the troops strength needed to pull of a counter coup and initiate military tribunals to indict those guilty of election fraud? Will the Chinese have war declared on this for election interference. I would love to answer in the affirmative because that would mean Trump would have a chance of serving 4 more years. However, the issue s not decided and there are a lot of moving parts to coordinate and the failure for one of these so-called moving parts to perform in Trump's favor, will doom this counter-coup to failure. However, you now know why Pelsoi, and the other Democrats, are freaking out!

The Left is genuinely frightened. It all comes down to this, if Trump can salvage his Presidency, millions of Americans will be spared from going through a purge. However, an estimated 100,000 Americans will be tried for treason and the backlash will include generations of terrorism in opposition to conservative rule in America. If Biden-Harris prevail. Trump and his family will be arrested and I believe executed in order to make an example out them. Trump could be the modern day Czar Nicholas and their deaths could be imminent. If Trump loses, millions of you will be moving from your homes to your final destination in the Hotel FEMA as you await your final disposition.