The United Nations/Chinese Path to American Genocide Has Been Set Into Motion

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The events over the past week have put America on alert. There has been a chain of events that has escalated the oncoming civil war to breakneck speed. Most of my colleagues in the Independent Media (IM) have a collective foreboding about the events and where this is going, like I have never seen in the 15 years I have been engaged in reporting on this and related topics. As this article points out, the unfolding events is fulfillment of the globalists to wipe out America. The Chinese will get to realize their ultimate goal which is the destruction of America, colonize America with undreds of millions of its citizens and plunder the resources. 

The End Game Goal of the Globalists

The globalists were to have established their Luciferian-led one-world-government on this planet by the beginning of the 21st century, hence the term Agenda 21 (century). Now, they have had to revise their timeline, hence the term, Agenda 2030. Last Spring, the globalists had to revise their timetable due to a rising mass of populist movements around the planet. The Earth’s people are slowly but surely coming to realize that very evil forces are afoot and mean them harm. Remember, it is this group of globalist oppressors who have repeatedly said that they want to wipe out 90% of humanity in order to arrive at a more manageable number from which to usher in the New World Order, Satanic style.

The globalist main target in the establishment of their unholy kingdom is the United States. First, American possess 400 million guns making peaceful occupation in stage one of the takeover impossible. Second, even the most ignorant, dumbed-down American has freedom engrained into their DNA. As Americans awaken to the threat to their lives, they will never accept what the globalists have in mind. Therefore, not only does the American government have to be overthrown, from a globalist perspective, the people have to be wiped out in order to eliminate any “freedom” movement which would be accompanied by an avenging mob consisting of seven million veterans of fighting age and of course, 400 million guns. To paraphrase an old saying, there will be soon an American with a gun behind every blade of grass who will not hesitate to shoot anything wearing a blue helmet whether they be Russian or Chinese in origin.

So as not awaken any more people than necessary, the government of the nation must be destroyed and its President must be taken from power. The American people must have genocide committed against it. And as I previously pointed out, in reference to the Chinese Defense Minister’s genocidal speech to the Communist Central Party, an American genocide must take place and America must be wiped out and the Chinese will subsequently send hundreds of millions of colonists to occupy America for its resources and China’s severe food and natural resource deficits will be satisfied and the New World Order will have eliminated its greatest threat.

Inclusive in the destruction of America and its people will be the acts of insurrection to set off the conflict. Also, America will go through a blood bath of being disarmed through gun confiscation, direct invasion, domestic terror including the use of FEMA camps, and as Steve Quayle pointed out on our recent radio interview, guillotines will be used to inflict maximum terror.

One thing the American people are failing to understand as a group is that the globalists and their Democratic Socialists minions (eg Schiff, the Bidens, Pelosi, Feinstein,:the squad, Schumer, Schiff, Romney, Paul Ryan, Hillary Clinton, Obama, etc.).

The United Nations will be instrument of oppression, tyranny and terror. The blue-helmeted Russians will occupy and the blue-helmeted Chinese will exterminate any American that they encounter. How do I know? They Chinese told us so in a recent speech made to the Central Committee of Communist China. If you do not think that this is true then you really need to read the five part series I wrote this past summer about the intentions of the Chinese government as expressed by its Defense Minister, Wei Fenghe.

  • Part 1- The domestic reasons the Chicoms feel it necessary to send millions of colonists to the United States.
  • Part 2- The planned methodology for the elimination of the American threat by committing genocide against the United States through the use of bioweapons that are genetically based.
  • Part 3- The UN is facilitating a Chinese takeover of the planet. The Chinese have been selected by the United Nations to facilitate their globalist takeover and that begins with the destruction of the US and elimination of its people. The Deagel report tells us that 90% of all Americans will not survive what is coming.
  • Part 4- The Chinese are beta testing the use of bioweapons against the United States through the weaponization of selected immigrants. Interview with Paul Martin.
  • Part 5 of this series dealt with the number one economic reason that Chinese want hundreds of millions of colonists to occupy the United States,

After reading this five part series, there can be no doubt as to the genocidal intentions fo the United Nations as they work through the Communist Chinese. 

CALEXIT vs New California

The globalists first step is to remove Donald Trump from the White House. This is underway. The failed Russian Collusion Delusion was the first attempt. This latest Ukrainian fiasco is the second. As the second attempt to remove Trump fails, a more permanent solution is no doubt being sought. If implemented, CALEXIT would devastate America's retail and the crop levels in America would reach critical lows, thus making America ripe for conquering, occupation and extermination of its citizens at the hands of the Communist Chinese. 

If this is all true, shouldn't the events fo the day support these assertions? Well, they do, and very clearly.

As previously covered, repeatedly, on the CSS, the CALEXIT movement is designed to remove California from the United States and estagblish the state as an entity under the control of the UN in the form of a protectorate. The New Calfornia movement has effectively blocked this movement. Therefore, a more permanent solution is needed and that is called civil war which will be aided by the blue-helmted Russians and Chinese. You know that Red Dawn invasion that has been talked about, but many said would never happen? Well, it is ready to happen. Do you remember all that discussion about putting "dissident Americans" in FEMA camps and exterminated? Well, that is ready to unfold as well. The Chinese-intended genocide is ready to be unleashed upon the country with a vengeance where no American is safe. The CHICOMS are already feeling their power. They are dictating what we can watch (ie banning South Park) and what our corporate officials can say in public (ie Houston Rockets General Manager tweeting support for Hong Kong freedom-fighters). It is clear that the Communist Chinese government owns us, in their minds, and they feel they have the need and the right to exterminate us. The globalists from the UN are all too happy to let "nature take its course:.

Chain of Events

Any tragedy has an unfolding chain of events and the present situation is no different. Here are the events as they have unfolded:

1. Deep State coups against the populist President in the form of the Russian delusion and now the imaginary crimes in Ukraine. 

2. The exposure of the Democratic leadership as being totally immersed in corruption (eg Biden, Pelosi, et al). 

3. Deep State panic and UN troops roll-out on US soil. The UN troops have been placed in heavily supported Trump areas based on 2016 election results. The obvious intent is to remove the President by any means necessary and have the UN troops in place to deal with the inevitable backlash of Trump supporters in the streets following his removal. 

4. Trump's counter by issuing orders to activate the Marine Corps Reserves to counter the UN. 

5. Communist-China controlled California takes out the citizen command and control. First, the state is taking down the civilian and local law enforcement communications network by taking down the repeaters for Ham radios. Second, a growing, massive amount of people are denied power by PG&E and the reason doesn't make sense. This is called taking out command and control in preparation for armed insurrection on the part of California. 

6. Trump shuts down a major avenue of Chinese troops coming into California by cancelling the control the Communist Chinese have over the Long Beach Port. This just happened late yesterday afternoon and was reported on Judicial Watch. 


Coming to a neighborhood near you:

1. UN forces who are going to seize control of local government and will be using their Chinese assets to arrest dissidents and engage American military units who oppose them. 

2. Extermination of detained Americans. Steve Quayle ano others have identifed the intent to use guillotines. 

3. The fight for America's right to exist will be under way as the traditional Red Dawn forces will attack America and embedded terrorist sleeper cells will be unleashed against Americans. 

4. MS-13 will carry out their assassination duties. America will experience a "Night of the Broken Glass>, but it will not be businesses that will be targeted like what happened in Nazi Germany. It will be members of the alt media and many of you reading these words because you have already demonstred your allegiances. \

Trouble has arrived on our doorstep. We are living in a "history in the making" period of time.

The United Nations/Chinese Path to American Genocide Has Been Set Into Motion!