America Has Entered the Preliminary Stages of Genocide Which Involves the Consolidation of Tyranny That Will Unleash the Deadliest Reign of Terror In History

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This is the fifth part of a six part series where Americans will be living a part of history that nobody would ever have thought possible only a few short months ago. All the signs are there, all the chess pieces are lining up. America is entering the zone of genocide and this is precisely what will be covered in the last two parts of this six part series. 

The Rapid Fall of America Came With Barely a Whimper

In less than three months, the United States went from a record low, peace-time unemployment rate, a record stock market performance and a record level of public confidence in the economy, as well as high poll ratings for the President in an election year, to a thoroughly defeated nation.

Minus the use of nuclear and/or EMP weapons upon the United States, it would be hard to imagine a more complete and devastating blow to the people of the United States. Harry Dent says that if America went back to work immediately, America would not be anywhere near where we were for at least 6-8 years. America is a thoroughly defeated nation. To myself and many other experienced journalists, we sense that this is the end of America. America and her cohort nations in the G20 have been defeated to a point, where in order to escape the economic devastation that has come to the world, a New World Order government and economic system (ie the Mark of the Beast) will be forced upon the people of the United States

The leadership fo the Democratic Party has always been in the hip pocket of the United Nations and their soon-to-be instrument of oppression, the CHICOMS.

For years I have been writing about the last phase of American takeover would be two-fold: (1) A "Tet Offensive of terrorism of embedded terrorists and cartels in our country and a nearly Red Dawn invasion of an already weakened nation; and, (2) the occupation of the United Nations by the world policeman, the blue helmets of the United Nations. There has now emerged a third possibility that will deliver a knock out punch to America, and that is a Phase Two, this fall, consisting a new and much more deadly strain of the virus. This will permanently end America's efforts to regain any sense of normalcy and lear to a permanent state of lockdown and all the Continuity of Government acts will be unleashed against the American people while we are all under lock and key. It does not take psychic to predict that this is the beginning of the scourge that will depopulate and bring a violent end to the vast majority, nearly 90% of all Americans. 

While the "purge" is going on, a new government will be introduced. What form will it take and will it be a prelude to the concentration camps of Nazi Germany? The answer is an emphatic yes. I have publicly discussed the following in the past year. However, in the present context, it is clear to see what our new government will consist of. The outline for this government, essentially run by the United Nations, has been hiding in plain sight. 

HR 1111 

In the midst of the new and manufactured Coronavirus crisis, there has been a twice sponsored Democratic bill that has been lying in state, in the halls of the House of Representatives. Under the present crisis it is likely that we will have a new regime change. After all, didn't Trump recently say "it has been my honor to HAVE BEEN your President? The words of the WHO, no not the World Health Organization, I am talking about the rock group the WHO from the 60's and 70's when they said, "there will be fighting at my feet, with my children at my feet....I tip my hat to the new Constitution..... We won't be fooled again." Regime change us upon us!

The following is the final push to permanently change the political structure of the United States. As I have proclaimed many times in the past, a critically ill America, literally, will provide the justification for the United Nations to enact the Kigali Principles that Obama signed us on to in December of 2016, right before he left power. The US can expect to see, the presence of a 28 nation military force on American soil.The CHICOMS will spearhead the force of blue helmets. Dissidents will be purged and I will cover this in the next part of this series.

The framework for this new governmental structure is indeed hiding in plain sight and it is called HR 1111 and it is sponsored by extremist Democratic operative, Sheila Jackson Lee and 43 other Democratic Party traitors to this country. If you are unaware of the content of this bill, lying in place waiting to be acted upon, you will be shocked to your core. This is worse than the Bolshevik Revolution. 

Tip Your Hat to the New Constitution 

I have a sick feeling in the pit of my belly. Rep. Sheila Lee and 43 Democratic co-sponsors have introduced a bill, HR 1111, that gives away the United States to the United Nations. This bill eviscerates the Constitution, seizes guns, takes control of schools and healthcare and effectively disarms the USA. There are some anomolies associated with this article that need explaining before presenting the proof of what the opening paragraph claims. First, this bill was introduced in January of 2019, but it was never voted on. In fact, in a very rare move, this bill has received absolutely no action. Yet, the bill remains in active status. This is very strange indeed. Second, this same bill was introduced in 2015 by essentially the same Democrats. This begs the question why the Democrats would introduce the same radicalized bill, twice, and then refuse to act upon it? The dates of these 2 similar bills is key to understanding the motivation for these unconstitutional practices contained in this bill. The first version, which was introduced in 2015, came just before a general election in which Hillary Clinton was to be elected in 2016. This bill would have given Hillary the powers enumerated below and the bill was kept in stasis until the bill could be acted upon under a favorable President. Further, the 2019 bill has the same goal. We now know that the Russian delusion, the Ukrainian delusion were both planned before Trump even tood office. The pristine 2019 version of HR 1111 is awaiting the removal of Donald Trump from power and the election/coronation of Hillary Clinton, or someone similar.

Warning!!! This article is very upsetting as it reveals the true intentions of the Democrats as they attempt to seize power by illegally removing a duly-elected, sitting President under the guise of a medically induced lockdown and will impart UN troops to confront the coming resistance to this lockdown. The new (Democratic) President will institute the following principles which spells the end of of America. 

The following paragraphs contains excerpts from the bill. I will comment after each section as to the unconstituitonality and the obvious undermining of our Republic. 

If anyone wonders if the Democrats are truly in the midst of overthrowing the government, this should remove all doubt! This is unquestionably medical tyranny led by Fauci and Birx gone political. 


H.R. 1111: Department of Peacebuilding Act of 2019

This first part of the bill is the preamble and perceived relevant history. Please note that in paragraph 10, there are multiple references to the United Nations, "Children of the World". UN and sustainable development goals. 

Please note in paragraphs 11 and 12, there are references to UN peacebuilding, Earth Commission, Earth Charter, and the stated reference of building a just.. and "global society". I thought that Congress was elected to protect the people of the United States, not serve the needs and desires of the United Nations. In fact, Gensis 1:26 states the following:

Then God said, "Let us make mankind in our image, in our likeness, so that they may rule over the fish in the sea and the birds in the sky, over the livestock and all the wild animals, and over all the creatures that move along the ground."

The language in the following paragraphs is directly describing the UN religion named GAIA. GAIA seeks to undo God's word and establishes the following dominion: Earth, Animal, Fowl, Fish, Man. Based on the following, the bill is promoting Satanic values. 

(5) Every year more than 300,000 people are killed by gun violence around the world. In 2017, nearly 40,000 people died in the United States as a result of gun violence; the highest number of gun deaths in nearly 50 years. The rate of deaths—12 fatal shootings per 100,000 residents—is also at the highest point since the mid-1990s. Approximately 20 veterans a day commit suicide nationwide. Every day, 47 children and teens are shot, and each gun injury and fatality results in trauma to family members and loved ones. More people have died from guns in the United States since 1968 than on battlefields of all the wars in United States history.

(10) The United Nations recognizes that promotion of peace is vital for the full enjoyment of all human rights and the United Nations Declaration on the Right of Peoples to Peace mandates that preservation of the right to peace is a fundamental obligation of each country. In 1999, the United Nations adopted a Programme of Action on a Culture of Peace, stating that a culture of peace is an integral approach to preventing violence and violent conflicts, an alternative to the culture of war and violence, and is based on education for peace, the promotion of sustainable economic and social development, respect for human rights, equality between women and men, democratic participation, tolerance, and the free flow of information and disarmament. The United Nations declared the years 2001 through 2010 an International Decade for a Culture of Peace and Non-Violence for the Children of the World, and the United Nations supports a culture of peace. In 2015, the UN adopted 17 sustainable development goals, including promotion of peaceful and inclusive societies.


(11) Peacebuilding is defined by the United Nations as a range of measures targeted to reduce the risk of lapsing or relapsing into conflict by strengthening national capacities at all levels for conflict management and to lay the foundations for sustainable peace and development. Peacebuilding is built upon research into the root causes of violence in the United States and the world, through promotion and promulgation of effective policies and programs that ameliorate those root causes of violence, and through providing all citizens, organizations, and governmental bodies with opportunities to learn about and practice the essential tools of nonviolent conflict resolution and peacebuilding.


  1. (12) In 2000, the Earth Charter Commission released the Earth Charter, an international declaration of fundamental values and principles created to build a just, sustainable, and peaceful global society. The preamble of the Earth Charter provides, To move forward we must recognize that in the midst of a magnificent diversity of cultures and life forms we are one human family and one Earth community with a common destiny. We must join together to bring forth a sustainable global society founded on respect for nature, universal human rights, economic justice, and a culture of peace.Peacebuilding is working together with all countries to protect both life and land and hold the Earth in balance.


The following section of HR 1111, clearly establishes that the 10th Amendment is going to be blown up. This amendment allows for a virtual separation of powers so that the Federal government does not become all-powerful. This section also neuters the Christian religion because it mandates the complict acceptance of all life-styles. Also, there is a thinly veiled disarming of the American military present in the following section. 

Section 102.  Responsibilities and powers

(1) developing new policies and supporting existing policies that effectively address personal and family violence, including suicide, domestic violence, spousal abuse, child abuse, and mistreatment of the elderly;

(3) developing new policies and programs and expanding existing policies and programs that effectively address crime, punishment, and rehabilitation...

(A) working to reduce prison recidivism rates;

(B) supporting the implementation of nonviolent conflict resolution education and training for victims, perpetrators, and those who work with them; and

(9) jointly with the Secretary of the Treasury, strengthen peace enforcement through hiring and training monitors and investigators to help with the enforcement of international arms embargoes;

(11) submit to the President recommendations for reductions in weapons of mass destruction, and make annual reports to the President on the sale of arms from the United States to other countries, with an analysis of the impact of such sales on the defense of the United States and how such sales affect peace;


The following contains proof that this bill is not just about "peace". It crosses over into climate change, opens the possibiity for forced population reloction and controls all vital resources (ie energy, food and water). 

(e) Human security responsibilities

The Secretary shall address and offer nonviolent conflict resolution strategies and suggest resources for unarmed civilian peacekeepers to the appropriate relevant parties on issues of human security if such security is threatened by conflict, whether such conflict is geographic, religious, ethnic, racial, or class-based in its origin, derives from economic concerns, or is initiated through disputes concerning scarcity of natural resources (such as water and energy resources), food, trade, or climate and environmental concerns.


This is bill is a power-grab as it seizes control over the media and education.


(f) Media-Related responsibilities

Respecting the First Amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America and the requirement for free and independent media, the Secretary shall—

(2) study the role of the media in the escalation and de-escalation of conflict at domestic and international levels, including the role of fear-inducing and hate-inducing speech and actions, and making the findings of such study public; and

(3) make recommendations to professional media organizations in order to provide opportunities to increase media awareness of peacebuilding initiatives.

(g) Educational responsibilities

The Secretary shall—

(1) with the support of, and in consultation with, the United States Institute of Peace, develop a peace education curriculum that includes studies of— 

(C) the patriarchal structure of society (ie anti-male) and the inherent violence of such structure in the shaping of relationships and institutions;

(2) in consultation with the Secretary of Education—


Look at the enormous scope of the power of this organization. It will nationalize CPS, erase parental authority, and will control age-related medicat care (ie euthenasia)


Description of functions

In any case in which the President submits the name of an individual to the Senate for confirmation as an officer of the Department under this subsection, the President shall state the particular functions such individual will exercise upon taking office.

(a) In general

(1) the Administration for Children and Families;

(2) the Administration on Aging;

(3) the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; and

(4) the National Institutes of Health.

          (b) Peace curriculum


Climate change and gun confiscation are clearly provided for in this bill. The eventual passage of the New Green Deal by AOC will come in under this agreement. 


There shall be in the Department an Office of Technology for Peace, the head of which shall be the Assistant Secretary for Technology for Peace. The Assistant Secretary for Technology for Peace shall carry out those functions in the Department affecting the awareness, study, and impact of developing new technologies on the creation and maintenance of domestic and international peace, and disseminate applicable policies and research in consultation with appropriate entities of the Department of State.

(b) Grants

The Assistant Secretary for Technology for Peace shall make grants for the research and development of technologies in transportation, communications, agriculture, and energy that—

(2) encourage the conservation and sustainability of natural resources in order to prevent future conflicts regarding scarce resources.

108. Office of Arms Control and Disarmament

(a)In general

There shall be in the Department an Office of Arms Control and Disarmament, the head of which shall be the Assistant Secretary for Arms Control and Disarmament. The Assistant Secretary for Arms Control and Disarmament shall carry out those functions in the Department affecting arms control programs and arms limitation agreements.

(b) Responsibilities

The Assistant Secretary for Arms Control and Disarmament shall—

(1) advise the Secretary on interagency discussions and international negotiations, including discussions involving the Secretary of State, the Atomic Energy Commission, and the Secretary of Defense, regarding the reduction and elimination of weapons of mass destruction throughout the world, including the dismantling of such weapons and the safe and secure storage of materials related thereto;

(2) assist countries (This is the takeover over of the US by the UN), international agencies, and nongovernmental organizations in assessing the locations of the buildup of nuclear arms and other weapons of mass destruction;

 The Assistant Secretary for Peacebuilding Information and Research shall—

(1) commission or compile studies on the impact of war and other types of violence, especially on the physical and mental condition of children (using the 10-point anti-war agenda in the United Nations Children’s Fund report, State of the World’s Children 1996, as a guide) that shall include the study of the effect of war on the environment and public health;


 The following paragraph provides for the communist-style redistribution of resources. 
(5) conduct economic analyses of the scarcity of human and natural resources as a source of conflict and make recommendations to the Secretary for nonviolent prevention of such scarcity, nonviolent intervention in case of such scarcity, and the development of programs to assist people facing such scarcity, whether due to armed conflict, mis­dis­tri­bu­tion of resources, or natural causes;


This dormant bill hands off the United States to the control of UN policy. It seizes control of every aspect of the government. It erases the separation of powers and opens the door for the emergence of a dictator. That dictator was to have been and  still very well could be, Hillary Clinton or certainly someone of a similar, genocidal set of beliefs. This is the end of America. America has entered the Genocidal Zone. The next and last part of this series will expose the agenda its FINAL SOLUTION for the American people.