Why Both Civil War and World War III Are Inevitable- Mike Adams and Dave Hodges


Recently, I interviewed Mike Adams regarding the fluid and very volatile set of affairs in both our country and around the world. As a point of reference, I would refer the reader to a recent article where I spelled out six phases that the Deep State and the Democrats are following in order to conduct a Bolshevik Revolution against the Republic and the American people. 

In short, America, is one major conflict away from descending into the most tyrannical government that the planet has ever witnessed. The spirit of Mao, Lenin, Stalin and Hitler is very much alive in the Democratic leaders who are behind this coup. What separates the coup planners from these aforementioned despots is technology. One year from now, we could be entering a period where our government has shades of the Nazis, the Communists and the genocidal characterists of both in what would be the new regime that would replace the Republic. What separates these past despotic regimes from today's Democratic Party and Deep State is the available technology which can be used to enslave and to commit mass murder. 

There will come a time in this country in which the average, presently unaware American, will see the takeover for what it is. However, by that time, it will be too late. Both Mike Adams and myself belief that we have collectively passed the point of no return so far as finding a peaceful solution. 

America will soon be defined by both civil war and World War III. Both Mike Adams and myself share the belief that civil war and World War III are unavoidable. We recently discussed our thoughts on this subject along with the reasons behind our beliefs. The discussion can be heard by clicking this link

Interestingly, Mike Adams gave a fantastic 3 hour presentation at the recently concluded GEN SIX conference. Mike's presentation along with all the other presenters can be accessed by video on demand