The Laptop From Hell Only Tells Part of the Biden Crime Family Story



I have been advised by some close to me to not reveal the what is in this report. One of my researchers went into hiding on related material and is aware of the following as well. ­­However, much of this report has already been covered over the past 15 months, we just did not have all the information that would have tied together separate criminal acts, by high ranking American governmental officials and their families, until recently as the dots are connecting. 

What Has Been Known

In a 2019 article, I revealed that “In a repeat of Al Gore and Bill Clinton, the Communist Chinese are funding Biden's campaign. No justice, no accountability.


On September 17, 2019, I published the following:

For the record, there is nothing that is impeachable with regard to Ukraine and the MSM and the Democrats know this so they have resorted to extreme fraud to make something out of nothing.

  1. Hunter Biden is unquestionably guilty and that is not in question; he admitted to his crimes during a 2018 forum hosted by the Council on Foreign Relations and it was recorded on tape
  2. A total of 500 words have been fraudulently redacted from MSM reports and what is being offered as press releases by Democratic leadership emanating from the likes of Chuck Schumer. These redacted 500 words exonerate the President from any wrongdoing.

And what were Hunter Biden’s crimes on behalf of his father in the fall of 2015? My researchers and informants had Hunter Biden nailed for transferring F-35 technology to the CHICOMS and it was delivered from his supervision on Air Force Two as this implicates Joe Biden. The final stop of this journey was amazingly, Wuhan! Does this make you raise your eyebrows?

In September of 2019, when my four confederates were compiling the Hunter Biden information, we did not think of the Coronavirus. However, in November, when the outbreak occurred in Wuhan, first and foremost, we had already been made aware that onboard Air Force Two, in which the F-35 technology with material proof was delivered to the Chinese, we also learned that there had been an unlabeled, but highly segregated shipment on board the same flight which emanated out of Ukraine. In retrospect, we believed that this was the Coronavirus.  Subsequently, we came to believe that this was insurance policy against Hillary losing the election and then the virus would be unleashed and used in the fashion that is being used today. Is there any doubt that Democrats, everywhere, are taking their marching order to lockdown their state and cities in a manner in which people will blame the person in power. From a strictly theoretical perspective, I believe that CV-19 has multiple purposes. However, for the purpose of this article, as it relates to the Democratic Party, they are using the virus to unseat Trump. Our researchers and informants believe that this event ties together the Democratic Party, the Clinton Foundation, the former Obama administration and the CHICOMS in an effort to remove Trump from power. When we look at the Democratic campaign strategy and the Democratic officials and their unreasonable lockdowns, is there another conclusion?

How Widespread Are the Crimes of this Deep-State/Democratic Party Operation?

Here is but one example of this far-reaching criminal cabal that involves, in part, the Bidens'.

Many will no doubt have heard that Hunter Biden was involved in child trafficking and that is revealed in the release of the “laptop from hell”. The CSS was out in front of this story because in January of 2019, I reported the following:

Corruption is being exposed by the IM on an unprecedented level and it driving the Deep State up the proverbial wall. The CSS and my IM colleagues have definitively demonstrated that ex-Arizona Senator, Jeff Flake, Mitt Romney, Joe Biden, Hunter Biden, Nancy Pelosi's son, and now even Adam "Shifty" Schifff were clearly involved in illicit activities in Ukraine which we know extends to the Maricopa County scandal.

So, what was the so-called “Maricopa County scandal?” Before answering that question, let’s bring in some “official” confirmation, that a major Epstein/Ukraine child-sex-trafficking ring was operating within Maricopa County Government, thus making it hard to believe that there was not at least awareness of in the highest level of Arizona state government since the state’s Child Protection Service was accused of being involved by an Arizona State Senator.

Sen. David Farnsworth, a Republican from Mesa, who is convinced that the Arizona Department of Child Safety is facilitating the global sex trafficking of children removed from negligent parents called the police on one of his GOP colleagues, alleging that she threatened his life. filed a report with the Arizona Department of Public Safety this week accusing Sen. Kate Brophy McGee, R-Phoenix, of threatening him if he didn’t stop investigating the outrageous claim. 

Here’s the Maricopa scandal as I reported it in October of 2019:

I was recently watching the media in Arizona cover a story regarding the selling of babies from mothers who were brought from the Marshall Islands by an Arizona public servant. Maricopa County Assessor Paul Petersen was arrested on charges of running an illegal international adoption scheme in three states. Petersen is facing 62 criminal charges for bringing pregnant women from the Marshall Islands to Arizona to give birth and then selling their babies in Utah, Arizona and Arkansas. The women were kept in homes in the East Valley of Phoenix until they gave birth and the babies were sold to would-be-parents. None of the news reports touched upon several critical issues. How does a public servant, making $70,000 per year afford "bondage houses" and transport and delivery services? How did the mothers get to the United States from the Marshall Islands? Who was paying for the homes that the mothers were staying in until they gave birth? Who was paying for the medical services to deliver these children? Where would this "public servant" find medical staff competent enough to deliver the children, but criminal enough to participate in what they had to know was a massive international crime ring? Further, how did one public servant with a middle income salary pull this off by himself? Paul Peterson, according to the FBI, local authorities and the local media has no accomplices. This story, on its face is not even believable. In fact, what we have here is a Jeffrey Epstein operation which is probably connected to the Clinton Foundation and this case has complete been missed by the CPS of Arizona. But wait it gets worse. 

Enter Arizona State Senator David Farnsworth. He is investigating 550 children who have gone missing in Arizona. And for his trouble, Farnsworth says he has been threatened by another elected official for "daring" to investigate this heinous activity in Arizona.  

And what happened to Peterson? After statements expressing outrage by the Governor of Arizona and other public officials, the charges were quietly dropped. I would assume that involved Arizona state officials could not afford the attention that a trial would bring. Of course, when this operation had funding ties to Ukraine and the people listed above appear as suspects, what would one expect to happen?

Was anyone else surprised that Mitt Romney voted to approve the nomination of Amy Barrett to the Supreme Court? This was likely the leverage that was applied by the Trump administration. Has anyone else noticed that Romney has been very quiet after a years-long vendetta against Trump? I think we now know why

But wait, there’s more as I covered the following, also in October of 2019:

Here is a list of people who were close to the Clinton Foundation and child-sex-trafficking allegations. Running parallel to the Clinton Foundation are various child-sex-trafficking allegations connected to various Child Protective Services (CPS). Here is the list of murder victims:

Linda Collins-Smith, former Arkansas state senator, died of gunshot wounds and in a bizarre manner, her body was wrapped in blanket. Was this a symbolic gesture for a "coverup".  

Jonathan Nicole was a former State Senator, as was Collins-Smith. Specifically, Nicole was an Oklahoma state senator who also died of died of gunshot wound. In a "message killing fashion" a gun found on table near the body. Both State Senators were investigating the connections between their local CPS organizations and disappearing children for the purposes of trafficking them in sex-rings. 

Steven Silks, the now deceased New York Deputy allegedly committed suicide by gunshot. He was only a month away from his retirement which makes this "suicide" highly unlikely.. He was one of the few  people who have actually seen the horrifying sand graphic details on Anthony Weiner’s laptop that supposedly made men cry. these are the emails that many believe got Seth Rich murdered. These are the 33,000 emails that the Clintons', the Deep State and Obama appointed Democratic judges have worked so hard to cover up as they block the release to the public.   

 Joseph Calabrese, an NYPD homicide detective  committed suicide by gunshot as he was another who had seen the infamous the Pizza Grate related Anthony Weiner’s laptop.

 Herb Sandler was another "Pizzagater" tied to the infamous Comet Pizzagate and the Podesta emails that have largely been kept out of the public eye.  

 Tony Rodham, was the most notable member of this tragic list, is none other than Hillary Clinton’s Brother. In a very bizarre twist of fate, the cause of death is not being released. Was it a heart attack, a gunshot, was he tortured to death, or something like what happened to Justice Scalia? I cannot remember high profile death where the cause of death was not at least vaguely referred to with regard to the cause of death. 



I am convinced that this operation was a Pizzagate operation with ties to Ukraine, Iran (also arms involved) and China. When Fox News is telling you that the evidence implicates the Bidens and sex trafficking, believe them because I am drawing the same conclusion based on parallel but different evidence. Senator Farnsworth is lucky to be alive, but he has been very quiet in recent months after sounding the alarm. Here is what my researchers learned during this time as the following was discovered:

  1. This conspiracy is international and not only involves the above-mentioned high-ranking governmental officials and family members, but also involves the Clinton Foundation and the activities, emanated from Ukraine.
  2. We have sources that told us the cartels are involved. If that is true, then this brings in the Chinese.
  3. In the likely event the Chinese are involved in this sex scandal, we must consider what was discussed earlier in this article when we had previously linked Air Force Two and Hunter Biden and the transfer of F-35 technology to Wuhan, China in 2015. This time frame is important, because tomorrow, I will reintroduce evidence that the Obama administration sponsored an elaborate plot to block any Ukrainian government investigations that could ensnare any American politicians (eg Hunter Biden and Quid Pro Quo Joe Biden). The evidence is irrefutable. I cannot resist expressing my speculation that the Coronavirus was indeed on Air Force Two that went to Wuhan with Hunter Biden and the F-35 weapons transfer. I cannot prove it, but I think there is enough for an “honest” Congressional investigation.


This conspiracy involving American politicians and members of their families is a multi-crime endeavor involving treason (ie weapons transfer), illegal gun sales (ie the Clinton Foundation and friends), sex trafficking and influence pedaling using one’s governmental position to promote a pay for play (ie Joe Biden). The pay for play aspect is the trademark of the Clinton Foundation. In the vacuum of Democratic Party leadership, I said, several times, that I expected Hillary to emerge as the Democratic nominee for President. When one looks at this evidence, it is easy to see why Hillary backed away and after her defeat, John Podesta (documented on the CSS) began to sell off assets from the Clinton Foundation. And the readers may recall that Hillary became the honorary president of an Irish University as many said “What the hell?”  Upon further examination, this position would enable Hillary to obtain citizenship, immediately, and Ireland has no extradition agreements with the United States. Isn’t interesting that Trump was impeached for ONE conversation with the NEW Ukrainian President. This was clearly a blocking move to keep Trump from moving forward with an investigation into the Bidens and others. This is classic Rules for Radicals which advises one to accuse your enemy of what it is you are doing. This explains the Steele Dossier in which candidate Trump was illegally spied upon. Hillary was supposed to be the President. Now, an unfriendly Trump will be in charge and the Obama administration panicked. Why? All of the administration would be exposed. I believe that not only is Obama involved in the Steele Dossier, he was involved in Ukraine. He is fighting for his life. Hillary is implicated by both the Steele Dossier and the Clinton Foundation’s involvement in Ukraine in illegal weapons shipments, child-trafficking and all the rest.

Further, one has to wonder if the Russian-collusion-delusion investigation conducted by Robert Mueller was initiated to try and direct attention away from the scandal involving Uranium One in which Hillary sold American highly enriched uranium to our enemies in Russia. Readers may recall, I produced two documents in July of 2017, that implicated Robert Mueller as the “agent in charge” who delivered the first batch of highly enriched uranium to the Russians.

A vote for Biden is a vote for the expansion of this government-sponsored mafia. And with the mainstream media coverage of the election and their complete blackout coverage of these events, except by Fox News, we should all be shocked by the depth of these sinister mafia activities.

Oh, Nancy Pelosi has ties to this conspiracy as well as there is much, much more to this story and some of it will be covered in Part Two.